Loading ROMs for emulators from a PCs HDD through FTP ?

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  1. Exavold

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    Nov 9, 2015
    Hey , I have a collection of PS1 , SNES , NES and GBA roms on an HDD , but I can't put them all on my SD card.

    So , would It be possible to connect my HDD to my PC , and load the ROMs through an FTP server ?

    If not , do you think it'll be possible in the future ?

    Sorry if I sound like a dumbass :P
  2. Uziskull

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    Nov 15, 2015
    Somewhere, probably
    At the moment, I think there's no emulator that does that. It should be possible to program, but useless since loading a rom through FTP would not have enough speed to play games (or so I assume).
    That is, unless the emulator downloaded it first, played it, then deleted it when you switched roms (still impractical due to download speed, but it would get the job done).
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