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    I have a question about softchip. where to find a read up on what settings to use when and why. and can it really play dvd backups and dvd movies? How to make this work? You may push me to another better loader that I am missing here.
    Hope I dont ramble on and on here but I think it may be good to give some background to get pointed in the right direction.

    I have been out of the scene for awhile now. I personally have a wiikey1. But recently have a friend thats wii has none. I looked into the softmod. Its running 4.2u (bcuz they updated it) now loaded HBC and I believe the lattest CIOS ciosrev14 (hope its the latest)(another thing that I really need a guide to understand and a place to find the latest updates as they come out dont really know what 249 does or iso38 this and that does) loaders are softchipr96 and softchipr99 also these three usb loader gx and SD/USB Loader v1.5 and gamma.

    I really feel like a NEWBIE after being out for so long. I just really need some help to explain what I need and what I should keep up with to make sure it works. Just tell me what you use and Y and what settings you use and y you might change a setting for a game or not (I dont do out of region) just like you would tell a friend new to this.
    I think I am just not finding the one piece of info that will make me go OH DUH! that is how it works. hope you can help
    thanks ahead of time.

    PS I have read and searched all kinds of place the last few days it just seems I missed the very beginning od softmod and now I am lost trying to catch up.

    Please answer as much as anyone can. the more hey stupid this is how it works the better.
    I will let you know when it clicks and I got it.