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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by LanzeraND, Apr 27, 2009.

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    A few have talked about this on other boards. I know FW 4.0 will allow a way of accomplishing this, but here is my idea. I've been flamed before and just trying to give an idea and the reason why. I love the Different USB Loaders and Back Up Loaders. Their ideas and GUI presentations are awesome.

    In our home we have 2 Wii's and own multiple WiiWare and VC games. We have run out of room to play the N64 games and thought I had bricked the system at one point. My son now wants to play some of the VC Games I bought for the family Wii, but has no room that I feel safe to DL the new games and don't feel the cost is worth it since we own the originals for the N64 but the damn thing overheats and won't play very long. I also already bought the games on one Wii.


    WiiWare and VC loader that could possibly intergrate some of the emulators of loved near extinct and extinct game systems.

    Like the USB Loader I would think that the games could be listed in a menu and then show their cover art for the original game. It would work just like the USB Loader in theory, maybe even load from the USB drive or at least the SD card. When you finish the game it would no longer be resident on the Wii. I can't/don't know how to code anything but html. I could assist with the graphics work if this is an idea that others might like.

    Like I said I understand that 4.0 supposedly works sorta like this, and may be worth it for some, but I think it is really stupid that I haven't been able to show proof of purchase of a previous system and game to get a ported game to work on my new system. I have purchased a Xbox 360 and can play most Xbox games and my PS2 due to the the backwards compatibility. I would probably buy a disc if it contained multiple past games that I wanted similar to that of the Xbox arcade at a cheaper price. I also am not ready to upgrade to 4.0 to try this out, since I've heard some fairly scary issues with upgrading to 4.0 FW. I am currently at 3.2 with some of the 3.4 upgrades without problems and Starfall installed.
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    Get to work on making the code.
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    dude... he just said he only knows html and grafx... he's just spitballing an idea... jeez.... read the whole damn post
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    Well, a good way to go with this I think, you could make custom linker channels to injected stripped down builds of the emulators packed in with the game somewhere on the SD card, If I get you correctly.

    Tantric does a lot of good work with fceu gx and snes9x gx, maybe you could work with him and you could use wadder to make custom channel packs and have them link to a dol in a folder on the sd card, or if someone can code a usb forwarder you could have your games stored there.