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    Okay, so I'm making a level based on Mega Man X's Chill Penguin. In my own little story for it, the Reploid Universe merged with CraftWorld. Sigma realizes what happened and orders his Mavericks to rebuild their bases using the available resources. Sackboy/girl is the only one able to stop them, because X and Zero are powerless in this world. Since that makes all the Mavericks powerless too, they've made Sackbots that will act in their stead. When the bot is defeated, the Maverick becomes a harmless sticker for collection.

    So now that you have my basic premise, here's what I'm trying to do. Once I figure out how to properly make MMX style boss doors (any help there is great) I want this to happen.

    1. Player enters boss room.
    2. Cutscene plays where Maverick taunts player, talks about their Sackbot, then leaves.
    3. Boss fight AI doesn't start until after the cutscene ends.

    Then here's what I want Chill Penguin's boss to do:

    1. He runs from the left side of the room to the right side, changing layers randomly every 2 seconds (or avoiding the layer of the player, making it look like he's attacking). Contact with player is lethal.
    2. At the left side of the screen, the bot jumps from the floor to the center of the ceiling, grabbing Chill Penguin's infamous hook.
    3. During the hook grab, while the bot hangs out, three layers of ice shooters shoot penguin shaped ice sculptures at the player (right to left again), in a set pattern.
    4. After the ice is gone, the sackbot jumps down to the right side and rests. The last ice sculpture broke into an ice ball that the player picks up (using grabinators from the room's entry hall, non-removable) and throws at the sackbot.
    5. After a damage indication (and score), the sackbot repeats #1 and 2.
    6. The pattern of the ice sculptures needs to be different after each damage, making it harder as the fight goes on.
    7. Three hits and the sackbot is down. Victory music, then a teleport to the scoreboard.

    If the player dies during the fight, the respawn point will be the entry hall. The fight doesn't need to reset, but if it could that would be a more accurate MMX experience. (Maybe have a trigger in the boss entry hall that, when activated by the Maverick's weakness sticker, makes dying NOT reset the fight, making it easier.)

    Also, with NO enemies yet, and still some decoration to do on the terrain, my thermometer is already just under half-way full. IF the boss fight programming will take too much, I can level link to it.

    I've never done any sackbot programming, boss fight orchestration, or even cutscene orchestration. I've done all the tutorials though, so I know what everything is. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

    PSN: MarcusRaven (if you wish to contact me through PSN messages or in-game. Some online create help would be great! [​IMG])
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