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    Jul 17, 2016
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    Hello guys,

    Iam pretty new to this 3DS Hacking/Homebrew scene and I need your help.

    Iam running a o3DSXL with the arm9loaderhax and all is running really smooth.

    My problem is, I want to play Pokemon Emerald, but randomized...

    I use a 3Ds GBA Footer Generator and a 3DS Simple GBA converter from this thread:

    (and a Randomizer...)

    First i randomized my rom, then created the footer file and finally the .cia
    My problem is, the installed cia will start, but after the GBA Font-Loading-sequence
    it will remain white.

    The same outcome when i used a un-randomized rom (original)

    I already got some GBA games installed as cia and they work, can someone actually help me here out?

    I dont got a clue what I could have done wrong.

    Ill look forward for answers :)

    With kind regards,
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