Linux on iPod questions

Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by Darkforce, Jun 2, 2007.

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    Just wondering if anyone has installed linux on their ipod? (I have a second gen nano so I can't unfortunately ;_; ).

    I see there's a GameBoy emulator and a port of Doom but is there anything else cool? Say a NES/SNES emulator perhaps?

    I also saw a mod to hook an ipod upto a NES pad, but looking at the youtube clips of it in action I only ever see people playing Doom. Does the mod work with any emulators? Would be cool to play Super Mario Bros on an ipod with a NES pad for example.

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    Yep I used to have ipodlinux on my 1st gen nano, the podzilla addon is pretty cool as it gives you a better GUI for your music and stuff, however music playback wasn't actually all that great.

    The emulators are all overrated, the gameboy one is good, but unless you do the NES controller mod its absolute crap to play.

    Doom as you might imagine, is even worse.

    Alot of the time it would also stop working for no apparent reason (I would have it installed and working perfectly, then I would just get some random linux boot error and would have to reinstall).

    You also have the option of video playback in ipodlinux, even on a nano like mine. However the screen is waaaay to small so its not a mindblowing experience!

    Also, installing is an ABSOLUTE PAIN because things would frequently go wrong, and the reinstaller would reformat your ipod making you have to backup your music again.

    Battery life was also reduced quite alot because of some device that was getting initalised of something (might have been fixed).

    However, I haven't been back into it for a while so no idea what its like anymore.

    I tried it, was fun for a while tinkering with it, but in the end I just realised, all I wanted to do was play music on it [​IMG]

    Though I have seen some hacks of the original ipod firmware with a custom GUI which looks v. cool might look into that.