Lets remake Super Metroid

Discussion in 'NDS - Emulation and Homebrew' started by NoSmokingBandit, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. NoSmokingBandit

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    I was thinking, Super Metroid is a damn good game, its a shame that Nintendo hasnt remade it like they did with Metroid/Zero Mission.
    How feasible would it be to remake Super Metroid for the DS? I dont know how to program much more than a Hello World, but i can do 2d art like maps, sprites, and whatnot. I'm thinking we could take advantage of the DS's extra power (compared to the SNES) and make a newer shinier Super Metroid. Not quite like NSMB where they use 3d models for mario and stuff, that would be a bit much, but we could use higher res sprites, use the touchscreen for the map and menus (seeing the map without pausing would be awesome), and other simple stuff.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Rydian

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    The DS's resolution is smaller than the SNES's, so no you couldn't make things higher-resolution.

    Well, you could, but then it wouldn't be like Super Metroid (things would be different relative sizes).

    In fact things will have to be smaller.
  3. twiztidsinz

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    Mostly right.
    The SNES has multiple video modes, of which 256x224 seems to be the standard or default one.
    The DS has a resolution of 256x192 -- it's "only" 32px shorter, so if you're doing a remake rather than direct port it shouldn't be an issue since you could reduce the top info section.

    The problem is... finding the people who have the drive and knowledge to do it, and then getting them together long enough to finish.
    There was a REAL nice looking Legend of Zelda remake for the DS going, and the guy abandoned it. Doesn't seem like he'll be releasing his source so it'd be impossible for someone to pick it up and finish it.

    The Zelda game is called "Legend of Zelda: The Shards of Light" by BassAceGold
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    I hate it when people do this. They get the community all hyped up for a project, form a team, release screenshots and videos, and sometimes even take donations only to abandon the project and let no one pick it up and finish.

    I say, if you have no real drive to finish it when you run into a problem, don't start it at all.
  5. NoSmokingBandit

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    *slaps forehead*

    Its amazing the things i know but forget when its important.

    Regardless, we could give the whole thing a new coat of paint. Art styles have changed quite a bit in the past few years.

    As for the lower height, i'm sure the info bar at the top can be redone to fit, or if needed it can be moved to the bottom screen with the map.

    I'd be completely committed to getting anything done that i can do, but unfortunately this would be limited to art and music because i dont know much of anything else.

    I'd also want this to be 100% open source. If for some reason the project stalls i'd like new guys to be able to jump in and help. Theres no benefit to closing it off.
  6. BassAceGold

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    Aug 14, 2006
    In my experience of spending 4 years of effort, and constant failure in finding capable people to help, which then contributed to the abandonment of my project;

    -The community members get themselves hyped up due to loss of information as it is shared from one person to the next, especially when people don't even bother reading what is actually posted. So regardless of the project, if it looks professional enough or if promises are made (or misinterpreted), the community will hype themselves (menudo anyone?).

    -The drive to go through with such a project is usually not a problem if there is a clear defined goal and the people working on it have a very high mental endurance. In reality, everything does not go as planned which constantly degrades motivation and makes it fairly hard to continue such a project. Over time, the lack of motivation gets to people and really can drive them insane which then becomes mentally unhealthy for the involved members. Of course there are many ways to actually gain motivation such as actual progress. However that entirely depends on what you define progress as.

    -For a person who dedicated their time and effort into a project then to abandon it is a very hard decision to make, however usually it is for the best of the person involved despite what the community thinks. People tend to think that all developers make their stuff and work for everyone, as in the community should be the deciding factor in a projects progress. However mine, and probably many more developers interests only lie within our own for the sake of our projects, and our own learning experience; Not the community.

    The long story short, you need mental endurance as well as all the required skills to achieve the goals you set. Anything less leads to self disappointment and degrades motivation eventually leading to the abandonment of a project.