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    Aug 31, 2018
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    I would like to edit my P4G's save file (game officially downloaded from EUR PS Store) but everything got so intricate (There are pages of outdated, misleading tutorials and answers regarding this topic) that I do not know what to do.

    Things to Consider;

    • Because my P4G is legitimate, switching its eboot file with Vitashell's does not work.
    • I am on Linux Mint, so I cannot use P4G Save File Editor.
    • I already copied the sava data file for the game (dataXXXX.bin) but I see nothing but binary code inside the file, naturally.
    What do I ought to do in order to be able to see and edit the save file's contents? Can you recommend PS Vita Save File editors for Linux?

    Thank you,
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  2. CrossOut

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    As far as i know there is no way for you to be able to edit your save unless you can use the P4G save editor for Windows. Perhaps you can get your hands on a really cheap laptop or notebook? it does not need to be powerful just enough for you to run Windows 10 and browse the web. Do you have a mate who has a Windows computer? Maybe you can use his to download the program and edit the save?