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    Nov 13, 2011
    Hi, my name is Samuel.

    Deliberately, I did not watch Star Wars VII on cinema because I do not live in a place with decent cinema and decided not to run the risk of having the experience spoiled by others. Successfully avoided all spoilers. Clean mind to receive the film. I ran away from any bad quality copy. patiently waited all this time for the Bluray launch. I bought the steelbox on pre-release. I waited for the arrival. When it arrived, I kept the box and waited for a day when I was in the right mood to watch it. When the day came, I talked to my wife for her to grant me a few hours so I could try to exercise my terribly rusty 'nerdism'.

    I watched the movie. In fact, just watched the movie. Still in shock. I think I'm stuck in some kind of limbo between my nerdism and reality.

    For lack of use, I think I lost the ability to roam freely between the two systems. I used my old PS3 as a player, since it only takes dust these days. This is not right, it is supposed to be played.

    I think I'm disappointed with myself and wanted to talk, disappointed to let life take me and make me forget my old 'nerdy' habits that used to be so soothing and started doing things so others would think I'm doing something important.

    I've been a nerd gamer since I can remember... I've wanted to be a Jedi, White wizard, Cloud Strife, Link ... today I got surprised I could still remember the name of these characters.

    Watching this film somehow let me down, made me sad about myself, opened my eyes to the fact that I'm not the same man anymore, and I'm not happy to let my "nerd" side behind.

    I'm changed. And it is not only the white hair and unshaven beard (I'm 33, but genetics gave me a beautiful gray head which I learned to be proud of).

    I changed.

    Somehow, it was a shock to know that Han Solo dies, but not a complete surprise. But I liked the movie. Very much.