Late Released DSTwo Carts are Actually DSTwo+

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    It was discovered recently by a small number of users that many of the Recent DSTwo carts recently put out are, in-fact- mislabeled DSTwo Plus carts. According to a post on the chinese supercard forum, the last shipment of DSTwo's they shipped are actually DSTwo Plus carts with a regular DSTwo label. The easiest way to identify that you have a recent cart is to check the back of the cart for a screw, if it has one, then you have the older model, and cannot upgrade.

    ( image source: @dandymanz )

    There are reports of users who purchased DSTwo's as early as August this year being able to upgrade and use Gateway Features.

    Anyone lucky enough to have obtained a DSTwo recently should be able to upgrade their cart into a DSTwo+ by downloading the EOS and Gateway plugin from the DSTwo+ website. Simply run the Gateway plugin and allow the update to take place. After this it will allow you to use the plugin as you would on a DSTwo+. Should you attempt to run the plugin on an old model DSTwo, it will simply throw an error on start up stating that you cannot update.

    Playing 3DS Games with a Late DSTwo Cart

    ( video source: @Elveman )

    Users are still cautioned about using Gateway clones, especially after the Gateway team releasing brick code in one of their updates, while it is unlikely they will do this again after the backlash they had from that, anyone using a DSTwo+ or a Mislabeled DSTwo as a Gateway card should wait for the go-ahead from SuperCard before updating their Launcher.dat.


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    I like those brick codes.
    Consumers don't, though, because they paid good money only to have it bricked.
    But I still like those brick codes.
    They're the piracy world's f-bomb, because they fuck up your clones, lol.
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    Oct 11, 2011
    Soo... tl;dr, anyone who bought a normal DSTwo in the last 3 months has a DSTwo+.

    Heh interesting.
    Lucky bastards.