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Discussion in 'Acekard' started by peshala1994, Apr 7, 2009.

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    So when i go to my cheats on the menu screen it says can not findcheat DB

    what now?
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    Updating Cheats
    The latest Cheat DB can be found at AKAIO can use CHEATS.XML, CHEAT.DAT, or USRCHEAT.DAT format. Simply download and place the file in the __aio/cheats directory. You can have multiple Cheat DB files in your __aio/cheats directory. Simply re-name each one so that they are not overwritten, and also for organizational purposes.

    The Cheat Window, press Start > Cheats or Touch the Cheat button on .NDS properties (or the Select button) 
    How to Enable Cheats
    Once you open the Cheat Window, you will see codes that are not sorted into folders first, followed by folders, in a list. Folders can be expanded by pressing the A button while highlighting it. Pressing the A button while a cheat is highlighted will enable the cheat, or disable it if it is already enabled. Pressing the Start or Select button will save and exit. 
    The cheat patch needs to be enabled or else the cheats won't work. The patch can be enabled globally at Start > System Options > Default Patch Options. Cheats can also be disabled/enabled on a per-ROM basis by viewing the properties of the ROM. 
    Cheat Window Options
    There are two options, Rebuild (X Button), and Sel. DB "Select Database" (Y Button). 
    The Rebuild button will disable all cheats, and update the cheat list to the newest file. Each time you update the Cheats DB you should rebuild the CC file. This will enable the new games to not only use the cheats but build each game a file which allows for faster cheat access. 
    Select Database
    This lets you chose which Database you use in the __aio/cheats directory. The benefit of this is the option to have the compiled database and a custom or older version in there too. 
    While in-game, cheats are enabled by default on loading. Press start+select+down to disable cheats. Start+select+up reenables them.
    -another world
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    sad how sometimes newbies forget about the stickies..