Laptop Recommendation?

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    I'm in the market for a new laptop, but I only want to spend about $1,000 (midrange pc). I'd like one with an hdmi output for my hdmi dongle, 3+ usb ports (2 or all being usb 3.0+), a lan card capable of 1Gb speeds, 16GBs ram, 500GB ssd, and if possible, one that's capable of running dragon quest xi (not necessarily at max, but making it playable).
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    Have a quick look at business laptops from all the usual vendors, and possibly a few refurb firms (someone junks their 2 year old laptop that mostly went to and from the office in its bag...). Some of those can come with half nice graphics cards and as such laptops are used for presentations they usually come with HDMI out, and screens worth noting as well. They also come with the bonus of usually being built to last and half nice to type on. You might have to bump the RAM up yourself and I still find many places overcharge for SSD if it is an optional extra/upgrade but if you can do it yourself...
    In recent years I have seen a tiny bit more focus on things most normal users won't need (smart cards and such like) which can keep the price up but not all will have such things.
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