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    Hey guys, so what im looking forward here is for a complete translation of this game, including Story, cause this game has much text that i would like to read, of course who saw the anime clear get an idea of the story but i like to read the storys from games, i started seeing this anime 2 weeks ago, and im loving so much that i decided to search for a game of it and found this one, its from 2012 and has no patches (its normal, since this anime is not world-known) but im requesting someone or some people to english patch this game, cause has nice graphics and gameplay and would really apreciate read the story :) if anyone is interested would be nice :bow:


    Kuroko no Basuke: Game of Miracles (Kiseki no Game) is a PSP game based on the Kuroko no Basuke series. The game will focus on the development of a basketball team.
    The game is a traditional basketball simulation game. When playing matches, the players are in chibi-format. It seems that the game simulates every match until the Interhigh preliminaries final league. The player plays with Seirin and the opponents are Kaijō, Shūtoku, Tōō, Yōsen, Rakuzan.
    Not only basketball, but the game also centers around the players' relationships, as you can talk to them freely.

    Release date: August 09, 2012



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    I don't know if anyone will make a translation project for this game. But there are some guide, and text and video translations if you're really desperate to play. :D

    Text translation
    Video translation

    P.S. I bookmarked these links some months ago. There might be some new guide/translation out there. You can just Google for them.
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    Is there any news about this translation/