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  1. lcie nimbus

    lcie nimbus 100th degree asskicker

    Dec 25, 2015
    Alberta , Canada
    Alright welcome to the first session of KNOW YOR GAME . today well be discussing Megaman X with @Demifiend .

    Rules and info
    Interviews are done in the same fashion as KYT . the public asks . the prisoner answers.

    everyone is welcome to ask a few questions.

    limit yourself to one post please

    You may ask questions about the game . the persons experiences with the game . and generally topics relating to said game .

    Interviews last 3 days.
    NO QUICK TEMPLATES(I see any and your kicked)
    and lastly NO HATERS

    Todays topic : Megaman X

    Sign Ups for kyg are here :
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  2. SomecallmeBerto

    SomecallmeBerto The Anti-Hero

    Dec 17, 2014
    United States
    What caused you to play it the first time?
    Do you like it?
    How many times have you beaten it?
  3. xtheman

    xtheman GBAtemp Guru

    Jan 28, 2016
    United States
    Hey bootleg know your temps!
    Would you recommend this game to me?
    What is it about? (never played megaman)
    Is it easy or hard?
    What is the story (if any)?
  4. DinohScene

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    Oct 11, 2011
    I personally like the old NES Megamans better then the newer ones.
    Care to explain why you'd continued with the new ones?
  5. Demifiend

    Demifiend The bored one

    Mar 20, 2015
    1) It was a very long time ago, but I had an emulator (On PSP) that had the game in there, at first, I didn't even know that well about Megaman before, it was only around late Middle School that I started learning about the series, and so within the Megaman series I found the X game to be among the most interesting to play, I've also seen videos, heard some tracks and such, it was a nice experience altogether, and a very memorable one at that.

    2) Of course, I liked it before and I still like the original Megaman X

    3) I've beaten the game before with cheats (back then when I used cheats to get some free pass myself), and right now I've come as far as beating the Spider Boss and Vile, I don't remember much after that, more recently I've beaten the remake for Megaman X, Maverick Hunter, which was pretty neat, but I've played Megaman X stages countless times, so at least I can say that I played it a lot, with different orders of Mavericks too!, so in theory, I should've beaten this game around 2 or 3 times completely, but I've played more the stages of the game itself rather than the final stages.

    1) If you're a fan of Action-Platforming games, of course, I much recommend it, this game belongs to the (I call it) the Sacred Trilogy Entertainment System, which includes Megaman X, Super Castlevania IV and Super Metroid, and Megaman X doesn't runs short on quality, it was the beginning of the Megaman X series, and it started amazingly, I have to say, so yeah, totally recommended

    2) This is a Spinoff of the original Megaman series, the original started back then in 1987 and it spanned 5 sequels on the NES consequently (Making it a Hexalogy on the NES!), the original series was about a Robot called Megaman, an invention made by Dr.Light whose main purpose was to defeat the evil robots from Dr.Wily, which is Dr.Light's rival and currently his enemy, the first game was about Megaman stopping Dr.Light inventions that were re-programmed by Wily to do bad stuff, later on the series, it was about Wily's robots doing the evil deed, in the Megaman X series, this is about the distant future, where Light created a more advanced version of Megaman, a robot that could behave almost like a human, a project that was en-capsuled by said doctor, in order to avoid any possibly dangerous outcome, much later, it was awaken by yet another doctor, and this time, it was used as a Maverick Hunter.

    You see, Mavericks are rebellious robots whose sole purpose is to conquer humanity and the whole world, in response of this, several organizations decided to make use of a new concept called Maverick Hunters, which were (as the name implies) robots that fight against Mavericks with the purpose of maintaining peace and freedom for both humans and robots, the leader of the Maverick Hunters used to be Sigma, but after he awakened Zero (another project in the vein of MMX, by Dr.Wily), he decided to also rebel against humans and become a Maverick itself, alongside several of his old Maverick Hunter partners that now are Mavericks.

    There is an OVA on youtube that explains the events previous to the game perfectly, but I wanted to give a full answer concerning your question

    3) It is hard to say, as the difficulty of this game consists more on the skills of the player rather than "Fake Difficulty", don't worry that in this game there is none of that, this game is about successfully pulling shots or charged shots against normal enemies and using the right weapon against a certain maverick boss, that's because in MMX the bosses have weaknesses, each one being one of the weapons you got from a previous boss, there are also Hearts, Energy Capsules, etc. I would say, the normal stages can be beaten by anyone who can have a good grasp for action games, and as for the later stages, well, it requires more reflexes and calculated shootings, while I don't usually say this, I recommend you to check a guide and try to gather all the Hearts and Sub-Capsules, as well the Weapon Upgrades.

    Ah yes, that's because in this game you have something called Weapon Upgrades, unlike the original Megaman, you can gather upgrades that will make the game significantly easier than with your normal armor, the whole set of pieces together are called "Full Suit", which includes a more powered up version of your booster, an armor that halves enemy damage, a helmet that will let you break through rocks and boots that will let you dash, in later games there are some differences between the Suits, but its purpose is the same, making Megaman X more powerful through out the game, so, if you can, try to check up a guide and find all the Weapon Upgrades you can, they are hidden within Dr.Light capsules, which also has some little bit of exposition, the easiest one to receive are the boots, since it appears right at the beginning of a stage called Chill Penguin, later on, you will have to find them in secret spots that are not particularly hard to reach.

    4) Same as what I explained in 2), but if you want to know what is all the stuff in simpler words, it goes like this: Evil Robots rebels against humanity > Robots (of the good side) try to defend against Evil Robots > Sigma (a previously good robot) becomes evil > He also becomes the leader of all the evil robots > Megaman X is send off to stop them, alongside Zero.

    I think I explained the whole fare rather successfully because is simple, a good robot against bad robots, where said good robot has the ability to charge up shots and use the weapons left by Mavericks. making it a Super Robot Hero.

    I don't have a thing against older or newer games, I'm a Jack of all trades when it comes to games, I can play the most redundant Atari game existent to the newest PC game available of my choice, I enjoyed the likes of Megaman VII and Megaman VIII and also the "new" Megaman 9 & 10 on my Wii, I can admit that the series has been rather silent ultimately, but I hold in my heart both the old NES megaman games as well the new ones, because it represents good memories from my School, now, I wouldn't lie that I play much more the older Megaman games rather than the new ones, but I can also get into the new ones If I felt like it, so I'm the "all around kind".

    Megaman X is totally different, as it is a game that was released back when the SNES was successful and Megaman VI was just out from the stove, it was a totally different take from the old Megaman games, X gives you a freedom that Classic Megaman doesn't offers you, this can be seen in both the level design and X's mechanics, that's why it called my attention and I thought "Hey, this is pretty good" and so, I decided to continue with the X legacy through out his games.

    I also played Starforce, Legends, a little bit of Battle Network, so yeah, I continued with the newer ones because I found them interesting to play, there's not much depth other than that.
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  6. mashers

    mashers Stubborn ape

    Jun 10, 2015
    Kongo Jungle
    Yay! I'm so happy this has started! Ok, here are my questions.

    1. When I bought my PAL Megaman X cart a couple of years ago, it was very expensive. Why do you think this game in particular fetches such a high price?
    2. Do you have a preferred order for completing each of the bosses, or do you like to mix it up each time you play?
    3. How do you feel about more recent games which have aped the Megaman style? (E.g. Mighty No. 9)
  7. Braig

    Braig GBAtemp Regular

    Aug 20, 2016
    I played Megaman once, the one for gameboy, but now I didn't remember the name and it was pretty funny.
    What are the strengths of the game? Why would you recommend it?
  8. Demifiend

    Demifiend The bored one

    Mar 20, 2015
    1. Well, this is a matter of "Retro Collecting" prices, you see, it doesn't matter if the game is produced or not, or if its the most sold game of all times, if was something made during the 80/90's, you bet that a lot of articles from that era may fetch a very high prices, specially those of videogames, manuals, boxes, etc.

    I guess this game suffered of "The Capcom Game Cart Syndrome", you know, the one that has some games selling at a very fair price, and others selling in unbelievable prices, Megaman 6 fetches around hundreds of dollars, we don't talk about how expensive and rare is Megaman VII, Darkwing Duck for the NES has taken a toll, etc. so I think is bad that a game like Megaman X, that is priced very lowly on the NTSC, costs a lot of money on the PAL region, but as I said, this can happen for any retro game ever, but Capcom was notorious on making sequels of games that sold very well, said sequels didn't sold that well compared to its prequel, like Ducktales 2, so the prices go higher for those kind of games.

    Well, if we consider that Megaman X3 is priced around hundreds of dollars, and X2 is also not an easy game to buy neither, we can confirm that it all involves the rarity, the availability and how common are offers for it.

    2. I like to mix it up, but I try to start always with Chill Penguin, mostly because I don't feel well without the Dash available as soon as possible, and bosses like Storm Eagle would also be much harder than usual, but I can also start with another stage to try to improve my gaming skills, so is all at random by my part.

    3. This depends, I absolutely loved playing Megaman Unlimited, which is a Megaman fan game, and I'm pretty hyped up for Megaman X Corrupted as well, if its for fan Megaman games, I don't mind them, they are pretty good!

    But the megaman style games made by AAA companies don't call too much my attention, I played a little bit of Azura Striker Gunvolt and I thought it was cool, but at least for Inti Creates, they tend to create games these games by resembling or taking concepts made by its other games, like Megaman ZX or Advent, don't get me wrong, I don't think these are bad games, is just that my attention or interest for them is close to "Zero", they strayed way too much from that MMX originally was, so I don't feel confortable or knowledgeable when talking about the ZX games or the Gunvolt series.

    And as for the Mighty No.9, it was just another "Kickstarter Promise!" that never ran well from the very beginning, this starts from: Constant Delays, Overall change of the graphics (From what was originally based), a promised cartoon for the series, etc. It just had way too much things piling up, now, 4 million dollars is not a small amount of money by anyone in general, but it is pretty insignificant or low for professional game development, the game was set with unrealistic promises and giveaways, and the end result was poor.

    I hope for the future to see better Megaman kind of games, specially those made by fans, they always have a good grip on how to make a good Megaman kind of game, more so than AAA developers, to my surprise. And Inafune is just a man that lives from the past, thinking about Megaman this, Megaman that, I would love to see him making another kind of game that doesn't involves platformer or a Megaman esque-game at all, but let him be, who knows what else he'll have in his hands, and as for the future of the series, mmh.. I doubt that Capcom will make another game without Inafune, but they can definitely do it someday, I have much more faith in Capcom than Konami, that's a given so, I hope that the Capsule Corporation gives us a good Megaman game in the future, I'll be always ready for one!.

    What game?, was it one of those portable resized Megaman games like Megaman II or III on the gameboy?, or it was a game like Megaman Xtreme?, I bet is probably the latter, that was a very good one anyways.

    1 -The strength of Megaman X lies in its (pretty much) perfect execution and how fluid it is, X controls wonderfully, its animation (as well everything else in this game) looks detailed and very well done, it is a straight to the point game with 8 stages, each one being completely different from one to another, the secrets are well hidden but they are also not that hard to find, making a balance for everything in between.

    The music is fantastic, as it expected for a Megaman game, and the lore of the game is quite an interesting thing to look for, it is just an extremely well balanced game that has pretty much no flaws in anything, with memorable bosses and characters, these are the strengths of a game that defined the SNES generation, and consecutively all the Megaman X games to follow.

    2 - I would recommend it because it is excellent and fluid, no other game is like this, not even Contra or Striker Gunvolt is like Megaman X, nothing will be, I definitely recommend it if you want to take a peek at the Megaman games from the 90's and how well they've done so, and honestly, Megaman X is the best place to start of all the Megaman games, yeah, including the Starforce and Battle Network series, I just recommend it for everyone who wants a good experience with one of the most emblematic characters in videogame history!
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  9. lcie nimbus

    lcie nimbus 100th degree asskicker

    Dec 25, 2015
    Alberta , Canada
    so i played megaman Zero 3 on the gba emulator on my psp and loved it . have you played EVERY megaman game out there?
  10. RevPokemon

    RevPokemon GBATemp's 3rd Favorite Transgirl

    Aug 24, 2014
    United States
    Fort Gay, West Virginia
    What do you think about the fact that while games like the NES line of Megaman games are often considered the prime example of megaman (such as when it comes to design for example) while the X series has not had such popularity despite bringing so many innovations.
  11. Demifiend

    Demifiend The bored one

    Mar 20, 2015
    No, I haven't played every Megaman game out there, I played most of them tho, like all the Starforce Trilogy, all the Megaman Classic Trilogy, Megaman X1 through X5 and also X8, Legends in my Childhood and a little bit of Battle Network recently.

    I'm glad you love Megaman Zero 3, try to finish that and Zero 4, once you get into the ZX series, you will see that a lot of things have changed from the Zero series, now is an open 2d world where you can pick the stage and boss you want to fight, in my opinion this makes it very confusing, but it is well done in a certain way, strangely.

    I guess Megaman is remembered the most because he is, after all, where it all came from, the problem of spinoffs is that they rarely tend to shine over the original series of something (There are exceptions to this rule of course, like the Persona games), I tend to notice that people overpraise a game like Mega Man 2 while they toss out games like Mega Man 5 or 6, which are in my opinion better executed and with a whole better level design overall than MM2, but eh, that's people opinion I imagine.

    The design of Megaman is simple yet intuitive, it is addicting and easy to recognize, it is the easier character to make popular, kinda like the Mario games, almost everyone (even people who don't play games) recognizes Mario at instant, but Wario isn't that lucky, of course he is a pretty famous videogame character by itself, but if you compare the amount of games one has over the other, you can see who clearly is the winner in that round.

    But while Mario and Wario are two different characters, Megaman X is a more evolved version of the original classic, of course he is a different character, and he is, after all, the vision Dr.Light wanted to see in action, Rockman Classic ain't just powerful nor capable enough to match X, at all, but power in fiction doesn't means popularity, hell, if that was the case, JJBA would be much more popular than One Piece, Bleach and Dragon Ball combined, but that's clearly not the case.

    I believe Megaman X had a lot of popularity, and it still has some recognizance among gamers, he is not completely overshadowed by the original Megaman either, while the last one has the edge in popularity, the first one has the edge in a natural evolution of its own series, and hell, for a while he got games that overshadowed the original Megaman too!, Megaman 8 or Megaman & Bass aren't exactly the most well known Rockman games out there, but Megaman X3 and X4 was out when those games were released and is overall more known and recognizable than, well, those Megaman games.

    I think X and Rockman go hand by hand, they don't compete exactly, they just share the same spot overall, if you asked me.
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  12. rikumax25!

    rikumax25! Keyblade Wielder

    Apr 21, 2016
    Costa Rica
    what's the best momento you can remember when playing amegaman x game?
  13. ItsKipz

    ItsKipz l33t hax0r

    Sep 9, 2016
    United States
    The C: drive
    The best stage?
  14. Demifiend

    Demifiend The bored one

    Mar 20, 2015
    The feeling if victory each time I managed to defeat a boss. And also how the music helped me through out the game
    Sting chameleon. I love that stage both for its music and well designed hazards
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