Knights in the Nightmare; Impossible to rip/extract sprites/data?

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    Feb 7, 2016
    I'm far from versed in romhacking and the sort, but I've tried several methods and none have given me any tangible result with the .nds:

    GLIntercept with DeSmuME
    Using VGMToolbox
    Opening it with ConsoleTool
    Opening it with Tinke
    Opening it with Tahaxan

    When opening with the latter 3, I get `root` with another folder; ftc, which contains a bunch of small Overlay files. But I also get the 3 files that seem to contain most of the data: DATA.SFS, project_wow.sdat, sound_data.sdat
    My issue arises in trying to open or get anything meaningful out of those 3 files, mainly with VGMToolbox not willing to extract anything from the SDAT files, and no lead on what to do with the SFS. Was hoping to find some solution to cracking anything open and getting something at all from it. It's one of my favorite games, and I really wanna look good at its inner machinations. The file system seems extremely unconventional.

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