Hacking Kingmax Micro SDHC 4gig


the Scarecrow
Oct 11, 2007
Gold Coast, Australia
Well i recently got my Black Cyclo DS and I now want a nice SDHC card to go along with it.

I was looking around and found this Kingmax Micro SDHC 4gig Class 6 card.

Which is found here

Now i was wondering whether this card will work well with my Cyclo DS and gaming. I am also seeking the general thoughts and opinions of this card from GBAtemp's community. (If you have it or have tested it please post here)

Will i experience lag in games? Even though it has 'Class 6' branded on the card itself does it live up to what it says?

Or is this a pile of rubbish and i should go and find a different one?

Your thoughts please, thanks in advance.

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