Kingdom Hearts 3D has Neku from The World Ends With You

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    Tokyo Game Show is on. And with it comes new preliminary information for Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance. Really big news being reported by Siliconera and 1up is that Square Enix is implementing a crossover character. Neku, the main character of the DS game The World Ends With You appears in the game's demo. Prior to this, only original characters or those from Disney or Final Fantasy have appeared. From what Siliconera has to say, he may be teased as a partner character. Neku appears in Traverse Town as Sora is calling out for Riku. He appears on a rooftop and jumps down to talk with Sora. Neku mentions needing a partner to play the Reaper's Game with (TWEWY's story revolves around this). One wonders if this may be a tease for potential future sequels to The World Ends With You as well. Major news there though, surprising twist.

    The demo at TGS has scenarios for both Sora and Riku. No footage yet, but soon. Gameplay from the concepts so far indicated a parkour style. There's also some new art for the game, revealing even more new info. Firstly, the game is confirmed for release Spring 2012 in Japan (with any luck, summer or before for US/EU). Art shows Sora and Riku in their younger Kingdom Hearts 1 forms, but they now have brand new clothes not seen before. Riku's outfit looks like a cross between both his previous outfits. Sora's outfit looks like a cross between his KH1 clothes and his limit or valor forms from KH2. Riku is also using his Way to Dawn keyblade, as opposed to his Soul Eater dark sword seen in previous trailers. And lastly, there are two new creatures in the art. One is a batlike creature, resembling Metaknight from Kirby, the other looks similar to a dog or bear. It is unknown whether these creatures are allies or enemies (they don't appear to be heartless, nobodies, or unversed either). Please check a shot of the art in the link below. More info as it breaks! [/p]
    Thanks to Feels Good Man for the news!​

    [​IMG] On-Going Discussion
    [​IMG] KH3D TGS Artwork
    [​IMG] Source #1
    [​IMG] Source #2
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