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  1. Windows 10 for under $8.80? It’s time to upgrade your system with the tiniest cost.

    Why Windows 10?

    Windows 10 is the latest Microsoft operating system for personal computers, tablets, and embedded devices – combining all the best aspects of Windows 7 and Windows 8! With the new April 2018 Update released a few months ago, Microsoft concentrated on helping users make the most of their time, and like the previous Update, it comes with new great features to improve our Operating Systems. Users get new experiences that help minimize distractions.


    Where to buy?

    Quality Software comes at a price! When it comes to Windows, Office or even Games, we all know the usual associated costs – and how high they can actually go! At the same time, we also know there are different options, different ways of getting hold of legitimate activation keys at a reasonable price for our wallets. Let's recommend a website to you now, it is

    *Their Offers are usually available only while stocks last!

    Windows 10 Special Deal

    Save a whopping 42% when you upgrade to Windows 10 OS today with our special deal. Use coupon code “LKO42” while checking out to claim this huge 42% discount on your Windows 10 OS key purchase on

    :arrow: Windows 10 Professional at $8.80

    :arrow: Windows 10 Home at $9.46

    Select MS OFFICE For An Efficient Work & Data Management

    Tons of useful applications are part of MS OFFICE suite which helps you manage your work and data better. MS Office is a faster and fun way to work efficiently. Upgrade to a better and clutter-free work experience with MS OFFICE today.

    MS Office 2016 Series Special Deal

    One of our biggest and hottest selling deals is for MS OFFICE 2016 series. Buy any MS OFFICE 2016 series software key on using coupon code “LKO57” to save a massive 57% on the price! Yes, you read that right, more than 50% savings on your MS OFFICE 2016 series purchase.

    :arrow: Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus at $23.99

    :arrow: Microsoft Office 2016 Professional + Windows 10 Pro at $28.00

    :arrow: Microsoft Office 2016 Professional + Windows 10 Home at $28.30

    Other MS OFFICE Series Special Deals

    Looking for an MS OFFICE series software other than the 2016 series? We have got you covered. Get a huge 55% OFF on any MS OFFICE series purchase by using coupon code “LKO55” during checkout on

    :arrow: Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus at $30.12

    :arrow: Microsoft Office 2019 Professional + Windows 10 Pro at $35.56

    :arrow: Microsoft Office 2019 Professional + Windows 10 Home at $36.58

    :arrow: Microsoft Office 365 Professional Plus Account - 1 Device 1 Year at $15.57

    :arrow: Office365+windows 10 Pro at $21.11

    :arrow: Office365+windows 10 Home at $21.75


    Anything else?
    1. Link to the Shop:

    2. The Shop also offers a fast E-mail delivery. The keys and download links for your purchasing software usually be sent together.

    3. Remember to download the correct software versions on your PC first – and only then activate them with your keys.

    4. If you get any trouble with an order, mail to [email protected]


    Keysoff is always pushing new promotions with lots of surprises and low prices – so go ahead and bookmark their page to stay updated! In addition, the Online Store is open all year round, 24/7 – so if you want to upgrade your Computer Software during the holidays, you should certainly grab one of their promotions!

    If you happen to find any issues or if you just have a few questions to ask, their Customer Service Team is there to help you with words and deeds! For any type of contact, just send them an e-mail to the following address: [email protected].
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