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    Hey everyone. So I have no next-gen consoles. Nor have I ever even seen one in person. The other day, I just learned that Nintendo is selling refurbished Deluxe Wii U's for just $200. That seemed like a steal to me so I went ahead and ordered one. It should get here by tomorrow. My questions is, what should I do with it? It comes with Nintendo Land but other than that, I have no games and don't plan on spending the money on any for a while. So what can I do for free? Any suggestions. I've never used a Wii U before so I don't know what I can all do. Also is it easy to hack in Wii mode? Lastly just tell me anything about the Wii U because odds are, I don't know it! Thanks.
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    Its pretty cool, I like mine. Nintendoland is a pretty ok game, gets tiring holding the tablet in a upright position. You basically look around with the tablet and move with the analog sticks on it.

    My SD slot doesn't work in Wii mode so I cannot say much about that mode :( You can get some games cheap - I got Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for $15 from Gamestop, Black Ops 2 for about $25ish. Mine came with New Super Mario Bros U + Luigi U, thats a must have, its a great title.

    The Mii maker is neat. The online service is what I think they wanted the Wii to be, its very interactive and most games will have comments from other users built in if you allow it. Its a fun console, but not a serious console.

    I got mine for just about nothing so I cannot really value it as much as if I paid full price, maybe I'm too generous with my review. $200 sounds like a good price but I would never pay $200 for a system ever again after I bought my Wii when it was $249. I buy all used for about $100-$150 at max.
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    Sorry bro, but without money, there's no games, Nintendo doesn't hand out freebies, I learned that the hard way when I got my blue 3DS XL with no games.
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    If you're into hacking your console, the Wii mode is still practically an open book, USB loaders and all. That aside, your taste for games decides the rest.

    As far as notable titles go, the Mario gakes are quite well done (if you aren't tired of them), Wonderful 101 is a strong title, Pikmin 3 is also worth trying, Wind Waker HD is the "while you wait for an actual Wii U Zelda game" title, ZombiU is not bad, Rayman Legends was literally made for the Wii U specifically despite it being multiplatform (an incredibly well-made game), Sonic: Lost World is worth trying to see if you like it, and there's a ton of e-shop only titles which are quite fun and good.

    That's off the top of my head, though there's likely stuff I missed. There's the Virtual Console titles, but I can't really count those as part of the "Wii U" experience, considering emulators are pretty much everywhere, for everything.

    Edit: totally missed the "free" part. Derp.
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    The other posters pretty much covered this, but my suggestions:

    - If you have any wiimotes or have friends that do, get a small group together for some Nintendoland. It's a much better party game than Wii Sports.
    - Download demos from the eShop. I've been waiting for prices to go down myself, and demos have given me a good idea of what to get when I finally cave and buy some Wii U games.
    - Wii mode. Like SirAileron said, it's pretty much open to hacking however you want. Your only pre-requisites are a Wiimote, a 2gb or less sd card, and Brawl. (Which is a must have game anyway.)
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