Joycons malfunctioning? Keeps moving in direction

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  1. Chrisssj2

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    So each time I play a game the analogue sticks or d pad (i dont know really) keep moving in my game. Drifting and drifting.
    Making my charachter move and menu's pretty much inaccesible.
    Then I try to go up and down left and right with the anologue stick till it's gone. Sometimes it takes like 20 or even 30 seconds till the effect is gone. But sometimes it's like 5 secs and it's gone.

    Very annoying. This makes playing video games very hard.
    Im using the the joycons in handheld mode connected to the switch. So no wireless.

    Any idea on what this problem aught to be?
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  2. Itsuki235

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    That can happen sometimes. Have you tried recalibrating it? That solved the drift issue for me on some third party joycons/controllers.

    System Settings -> Controllers and Sensors -> Calibrate Motion Controls -> Calibrate COntrollers
  3. CrazyRach82

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    Feb 17, 2017
    If the above dosnt work then get yourself some wd40 contact spray, it works.
  4. Fernand

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    friendly suggestion, change it 7$ in ebay for 2 with the tools, i did it to mine and im golden right now there are lots of tuts on how to do it as long as you're comfortable in doing it and have some time you can do it if not take it to a techie friend that can do it