JNKPlat DS 08

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    JNKPlat DS 08
    new version of jnkplat ds
    Off we go again!
    (Added a subtitle.. Makes it easier to Google the different versions!)

    JNKPlat DS 08
    Platdude Goes Fourth

    Contains the usual files, 3 dldi, 3 non-dldi.
    If your cart Auto Patches, use the dldi one..!

    The Game
    Same game it's always been, but now it's got extra graphical styles! Wowie! Tap the new button on the menu to flick through them.
    Thanks to Sir Voe (from GBADev.org) for the new graphics.

    The New Stuff
    Not much, but a couple of freaky things, and a couple of cabbage tweaked old things!! There's 2 new level packs, though!

    The Levels
    There's now 8 packs in there..
    4 by me, 2 by Sir Voe, 1 by Another World, and 1 by Nyarla
    That's.. a whole big load of levels!


    Contributed by Another World