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    Earlier this month I made a GUI to build ROMs with Goomba Paletted. The motivation for this project was to allow borders with a shape other than 160x144 or "none," which was accomplished by editing the code of the Append program that comes with the emulator and including it in this software. I also added several other features to test my skills, including using and previewing palettes (.pal or .txt).

    Download/more information: http://www.lakora.us/java/jgoombabuilder

    Here's a video showing Super Mario Land in action, with my custom borders and palettes:
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    I remember using Goomba a lot on my GBA back when I didn't have a real GB :) I still don't own a GB flashcard, so I might end up using this anyway :lol:

    Really really nice. Thanks again for your work!
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