JGecko U - "Exception type DSI occurred!"

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    Sep 26, 2016
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    IMG_1353.JPG Screenshot_29.png Screenshot_30.png So I just started using JGecko U and everything works fine, except that making a search for any hex value will result in my Wii u crashing and the error "Exception type DSI occurred along with a string of letters and numbers.

    Other information:

    I am running Wii U 5.5.1
    I have homebrew, cfw, and TCP Gecko. (Cfw was not running while this error occurred though)
    All connections work fine, and everything else as far as I've seen in JGecko U work as well. (I can be sure my wii u is connected because when I press "Pause" in JGecko U from my computer, the Wii U stops updating frames and pauses music)
    There are also errors on JGecko U from my PC after my Wii U crashes aswell (Pictures of the errors in attachments)

    If anyone could at least diagnose the problem it would be appreciated.