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    May 28, 2008
    Welcome to the Itadaki Street DS open translation. いただきストリートDS.

    Sorry no patch yet.

    Brief Description of Itadaki Street (style games).

    The original goal for this was a complete english translation and possibly a french one as well. Sad to say that though there is interest in a french translation there has not been any serious offers of help (for the french translation). As such I am no longer interested in doing a french translation though I will be happy to help any who do decide to pursue that. As to the current goal, well, I honestly have no idea what to put here. There are a lot of complications involved in a full translation for this. One of the biggest complications is the moving menu graphics. These graphics depend on knch (char) knce (cell) files. Which I have not figured out quite yet. I know they involve matrix map coordinates. I just haven't had the time to spare from other projects yet to really dive into those yet.
    Another complication, the text is stored in the arm 9 and overlay files. Which isn't in fact that big deal as I can fiddle with the memory based pointers and hopefully will be testing re-pointing some of the many repeated text to only one spot. Thus freeing up some space to use for other stuff. Though there is a complication to this. The text is stored using unicode (reverse byte encoded), and in sjis (both of which use two different fonts only one of which I can find). Why is it important that I find this hidden second font...? Well I can edit the first one to mte/dte but the second one overwrites it in some instances so even though you wrote your name (na me) it will sometimes show up in the oddest places as the original japanese character(s) that I replaced with na and me. Which though amusing can be a headache when you are finishing a round. "ピオ wins with...". One of my looser and weirder thoughts is to replace the current graphic system with the more mainstream nitro format one (as the utility.bin file uses it, there should be support... I won't know until I try with a file replace). Yet another complication is that when I dumped the text the first time I missed some. Which I only noticed now, as in yesterday 23/05/2012, when I was listing the pointers for that text and noticed out of order missing stuff. So I get to go through and dump it again. Which not a big deal (again) as this means that when I do finish dumping - the untranslated text will be way easier to translate (as it isn't all over the place like it was previously).

    what needs to be done:
    • figure out the KnCH KnCE files
    • dump with pointer the text in the arm9 and overlay files (again but properly)
    • find that second font and sync it with the mte/dte changes made to the first font
    • image work (see list of graphic work that still need to be done below) (note to self make spread sheet with "date edited", "by whom" columns)
    • MTE the script english
    • Figure out file formats; the icl, icg, isc files are figured out (partially). I can view and edit the images but not change the isc map files yet.​
    • be able to edit the map files(this is important as the translation will have to be left incomplete due to problems with the map files, as in animantion, and the font)
    • very specifically the french side may not get done due to the font and its map file (edit not doing the french translation anymore sorry)
    • find the help tutorial text
    • change money notation to coin graphic
    • figure out the other types of compression in some of the other files/if there is any
    what has been done:
    • a partial translation of the script thanks to vegita2000
    • there is a google docs version of the script/ text to translate up. Edit: I need to finish re- dumping with the pointers but the current one does still have stuff that needs translation. (sigh... I really thought I organized this better)
    • there is a file completion list... also seen below in a spoiler. So far only english completion is up (the french side won't go up I have discontinued that part)
    If you are interested in helping post here and/or p.m. me.

    Even though I have a translator I am still looking for translators.
    Link to text that needs translation here
    I have dumped all of the images (finally) for this game -
    folder link here http://www.mediafire.../?n2w3ay0d2z5yx
    A lot of the images are quick and small edits I am only posting them as a means of tracking my progress. (which I have done with another project of mine)

    Software/tools used:
    microsoft windows 7, vista, xp
    - microsoft paint
    techsmith snagit editor
    tinke (thank you pleonex)

    Translator(s): thankyou
    (if I haven't included you send me a message so that I can add you)

    Hacker/Graphic editor:

    http://en.wikipedia..../Itadaki_Street used for some of the names. just a japanese itadaki street ds wiki
    http://www.square-en.../map/index.html Official webpage from square-enix
    http://www.mariowiki...adaki_Street_DS used for something although I cannot remember what...

    file list of what I need to work on-
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Full edit May 7th 2011
    edit 08/07/2011 to add files.narc stuff and to cross off two images.

    full edit 05/12/2011 to add details for a better look.
    Full edit 07/01/2012 to fix format issues of this post
    full edit 23/05/2012 to add stuff and change the look. (also to point out the no patch yet thing in the second line so that those who keep spamming me for it understand that there is NO PATCH YET).
    edit no update as of 21/02/2013
    If you would like to start up you own translation of this game please do so.

    edit to add disclaimer:
    Disclaimer】As this is a commercial product this game belongs to the publisher (Square Enix) /developers (Armor Project,Think Garage). The english translated patch (when it becomes available), any information contained in this thread or with the patch is only for research study purposes. Organization(s) or individual(s) may not use this product, patch or the information discussed for commercial purposes in any form. I, this website, the website hosting the images, any other websites hosting any other stuff(mentioned in this thread) will not bear any responsibility for the consequences arising from other(s) use.

    further note due to recent a recent update on the square-enix webpage I will not be posting any screenshots and claim no copyright in any way what so ever of anything in this game. Even though the patch is for educational purposes only I, this website and the websites that host any images or files posted by me hold no copyright of said files. We hold no responsibility for your use or liability in your use of these.
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  2. alphax13

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    Sorry, I have no way to help.

    I am wishing you best of luck though as I wouldn't mind playing this one day.
  3. The Composer

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    Sep 13, 2009
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    I can't possibly help you. Even so, I offer you my support on doing this.
  4. Ryosama

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    May 16, 2006

    I love this game and I want it in english.
    I can help you to edit image.
    I can translate english to french only (useless for Itadaki Street).

    my email : r y o / a t / w a n a d o o . f r (remove space)

  5. rastsan

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    May 28, 2008
    Well after a little trial writing it seems this game only wants to take unicode for unicode....
    The graphic dumping continues. I just have to painstakingly write down every offset for every image.
    Once I get the scipt dumped and translated I'll have to figure out the best way to dual tile encode this (just to make translation easier). Otherwise there might not be enough space even with repointing the arm9 stuff. The problem will only then be with all the text in the overlays. Which is where the dualtile encoding comes in...
    Ryosama has expressed an interest in a french translation which I will also be helping with. For the french translation there will be the same problems...

    When I get time I will post somewhere everything I've got dumped image and text wise.

    Still hoping a translator will kindly help. Some of this text turned into garbage with google and babelfish translate.
    Really repetitive text with slight variations. (the board levels as you progress and the character names for the levels)
  6. Ryosama

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    May 16, 2006
    May be this FAQ from gamefaqs can help you.

    - All chance cards
    - All items from the shop
    - other stuff are explain

    I can translate the game in French and I can edit graphics if you want.
    Send me the graphics files in japanese, I will send you back the graphics in english with a cute font.
  7. rastsan

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    May 28, 2008
    Thankyou so much for the help!

    I'm going by what I find in the game not some website. (I have had troubles with this before...)
    But, what I am trying to do is get all the images dumped first, before I send/post them anywhere. The same for the script text as I already mentioned the dual tile encoding thing, look it up and you might understand what I'm talking about (If icould only find the in game font table to change it...)

    Just so weird that it uses both unicode and minor sjis...

    I had hoped that the presence of the utitlty.bin file and the nftr's in it would aid in the translation. Maybe I just need to fiind the asm responsible for that weird font and write it to be something else, something which I don't have much experience with... later time to to some quick graphic look up and goto sleep.

    update october 31 2010
    about to finish dumping the text tonight will post the file later in the first post.
    I am no where near finished dumping the images.

    Will have to implement encoding two to three letters in one tile for this game (I have to this game has no real nftr excpet for the ones in the utility.bin) and the backwards encoded unicode is bugging me.
    there is support for single byte but because it is backwards (2000 instead of 0020) sigh I will not be able to work it until I find the asm responsible for blocking the inserted nftr in the utility.bin file.
    So re-encoding the tiles in the weird font files I can find.
  8. foxstar74

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    Nov 30, 2008
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    rastsan, can you clarify a few things for me?

    1) Is the script dump you posted the entire script? Like, all the text that there is (besides in images)?
    2) If the script gets translated, how difficult would it be to reinsert the text?
  9. rastsan

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    May 28, 2008
    As I am trying to do an english and french translation and the font has to be custom done along with any insertions also being custom done. Reverse byte insertion agh. I need the script first to determine the best pairs to encode the font in then I need to go through the script and edit it in the re-encoding then I need to reverse byte order that then insert it. The graphic may be the easiest part.

    not difficult to insert just mind numbingly boring, not to mention looking for possible pointer tables in the files, and re-doing it all in french.
  10. rastsan

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    May 28, 2008
    I know a bump for an update instead of an edit of an older post...
    well i have figured out a little more of the file format but not all of them yet. will list it later on in this post...
    I have slowly been doing some graphic work on this. as I have to edit check the edit in game play and go back for some of the image edits. It helps in away to figure out the isc and knce map files (they might not both be map files but...)
    Anyways I have done the title screen, the casino minigame title graphics, some of the yes/no graphics, I thought I had done the shop graphics but apparently there is more then 8 (of the same dang thing) of the ones I have done, (working on) the silver tarot cards, (working on) the massive amount of menu graphics, tutorial stuff.
    I've located some of the moving menu graphics but I have to do the screen shot thing to make sure the characters are not being used in more then one spot so as not to waste an effort on this. (no big deal as I will eventually figure out the map format by means of corruption...). I believe I have found the font asm but am not going to touch it as I think I can get away with what I did for 7th dragon's font.
    will play with the asm later as I am very sure I have the right stuff just getting my nerves up to do it...

    okay as promised file formats:

    images start at 0C
    image 8by8 gba 4bpp can be 16 or more. can also be gba8bpp.

    gba4bpp c first section 64w(hex40) 32h(hex20) then at40C 32by32 at 60C 16by32 at70c 64by32

    unknown- may be map or pallete not sure
    one file may be map file
    trying to track if the numbers in file are offset addresses is not working. they seem to be off by a little but otherwise are accurate if you look at them a certain way. File stucture is not the same for all of them which is why I have nothing to list here really.

    no starting offset direct image
    image 8by 8 gba4bpp
    image 8by 8 gba8bpp
    needs map file

    .icl small file - pallette file always same size 512 padding at bottom for unused areas

    .isc may be the map files

    will add or edit these when I know more.

    thankyou ct2 and your data to pallete function, and the tile composition tool. without these graphic work on this game would not be easy.

    sorry no patch to upload.
    I will eventually post alink to any imagery I cannot transalte myself.

    edit 29/04/2011
    add to post.
    Well it looks like I have to figure out how the .isc files work. As I couldn't figure out which font the game mainly uses. until I looked into the other_scene/name_input/ folder. Itseems that the illusive font I was looking for was right there. Space was saved (Agian). the map files are in definite need of an edit. As I have to edit the japanese character to 2 english character per tile yet again. Or figure Out how to get single byte characters to work.
    edit 02/05/2011
    For sure I have to figure out how the knch and knce files work. The menu screen with the menu items that move... oy listed as seperate images in what seems to be more than one file. IFW for wi-fi. I really need to figure it out if I am going to have any chance of translating the main menu.
    SOoooo... many images that need translation. SIGH...
    Well I am at the 5/8 mark for dumping images. It would go faster if I didn't get distracted with the small quick image translations....s.s.s.s....
  11. Kakukon

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    Oct 29, 2010
    Cote d'Ivoire
    the project is still standing?
    thanks for doing this patch!! anyway, i can't help, i don't know anything about japanese... i want to play this game in a understandable lenguage XD
  12. rastsan

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    May 28, 2008
    Well you caught me sidetracked working on other stuff. I come back to this every now and then to corrupt the map files and see what happens.... work a little on an image or two (mainly just getting down the japanese in the picture for translation) then moving on.

    yes there is progress but is it measurable.... noooo.... will edit this post and the first post later barring someone else replying...
    uh when there is more to report.
  13. vegito2010

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    Sep 12, 2009
    U still need stuff translated?
  14. rastsan

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    May 28, 2008
    the funny thing is I haven't had one person get back to me with translated stuff.... 9 people said (p.m. or on other means) they were doing it. one handed me back a google translate version even though I specifically said I don't need that (as I have done that already). there is someone working on the french translation, but they are waiting for me to finish the english one so they can work off of that.

    I haven't worked on itadaki for a while. not that I stopped its just that I have 7 projects I am working on or helping with... they all take time.

    the big hurdle will be the map files. I need to get that done so I can dual tile encode the font. the only way to do that is remap it....

    edit 11/10/1011
    without reworking the map files I can safely put 35 letter pairs in. which means the japanese keyboard is gonna be screwed up. but it will also mean that much less short form text. The one translator that was working on this has been patiently waiting. Either for me to get to figuring out the map files or to just get the text in.

    But the best way to do dual tile encoding is to get the translation done first then put the translated text through a wonderful program that will tell you the highest counted letter pairs in that given text.
    But since I am lazier than most hackers I will not be messing around with asm or screwing around with the character table. I will have to reverse in 2 byte form the hex value of the translated english characters so I might as well keep the current encoding and just do something like this:
    3093=んov where graphically ん has been changed to ov. any ov in the translation gets replaced with ん so even though in the text it says ん what gets displayed on screen is ov. further complicated and not necessary for you to know that I will mainly be entering the translation with hex due to the reverse encoding 3093 being 9330, making text insertion a pain but worth it. worth it only if I have it all organized the right way and only have to do it once. As i have been down the path of re-re-re-insertiion and I am not going there again.

    So comes my next big choice finally begging for help in figuring out how matrice(d)-ixed map files translate to actual editable numbers I can understand. or just leaving it at the puny 35 letter pairs I can get in. One way ensures that any japanese will be replaced with letter pairs the other means I give that up and do a crappier much worse looking more short formed translation.

    My pride in doing a good job is involved here...
    sigh. almost enough to make me go back to working on other projects, by putting this off yet again.
  15. rastsan

    rastsan 8 baller, Death Wizard,

    May 28, 2008
    update: the 35 mte letter pairs didn't work there is another exact same looking font in the game that is overwriting the edited fonts. Which leaves me back tracing what is going on. not a big deal, actually no it is I don't know where this/these other font(s) are.
    I have yet to corrupt any of the map files.

    there is so many things I need to confirm.
    If the map files are indeed using a matrice system.
    How to edit said matrice system.
    Finding a possible extra hidden font. (I have already gone over this game graphically over 15 times)

    sigh there is more...

    seems tinke can view some of the isc map files correctly if I play with the width/height, and pallete depth.
    in files.narc
    sys/bg/sys_m_bg.icg has numbers that sys/bg/sys_m_bg_snum.isc can view right if I play with the width. which is going to give me a headache like you won't believe if this keeps going on.
    in the rom itself
    sys/chat_bg.icl (pallete) second palete after changing the depth, sys/chat_bg.icg (tile image) and sys/chat_bg_bell.isc (change the width manually) create an image. same thing for sys/chat_bg_clr.isc

    so need to go through tinke docomentation and look at the load as map...sigh
  16. Auryn

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    Jul 21, 2011
    Can you make some practical example of files that make you have headaches please??
    Maybe somebody can then help you out.
  17. rastsan

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    May 28, 2008
    actually its just the knch knce files for now. I now know for sure that there is more script out there that I need to get to. (the help files were the cue after relative searching...) after playing with the one emulator I can see it in memory just not in the rom itself. just like that second font.... Which is something I could use help with. Unfortunately the knch knce file stuff and the script stuff are things I need to to do myself...
    when I have more of an interest in getting to this I will.

    I had someone ask me for the tools for this... lol... I know I am about to show some major attitude... but its was just like "huh"... going in with a hex editor for the text, a tile editor for the graphics and just my wits for near everything else (still giving thanks to the one translator - vegita)... tools... yeah... I wasn't in the mood to be nice and I still am not. My blog actually says if you are programmer or know about matrice map files and want to help let me know. tools...oy

    which again I just have to sit down and go through the emulator and chart out what the matrice (function?) says. tie the numbers to the files and work from there.
    just like filling out more about file format(s). I have up to certain points but am taking my time on this.

    The only reason I posted was because of that one person. I took a half hour this morning to poke around... and lo and behold tinke had something crystaltile 2 didn't... now I am more ahead on writing a plugin for the isc icl and icg files... and updating file format stuff.

    @Auryn - Our mutual dislike of each other makes me wonder why you would even post in any of my threads.

    edit just realized you weren't offering to help, you were talking in an almost sarcastic way about others helping - if they would offer that is up to them... which is part of the reason I dislike you- you actually aren't helping you are just being annoying - go troll someone else.

    The reason i say this is that you apparently don't know how to read or can't be bothered to read the previous posts in this thread. which do list the file extensions and some of the problems i am having. As such I don't care for your rudeness or your attitude. if you were really interested you would have paid more attention. but you didn't and If you actually had read up you wouldn't have needed to post that at all. So thanks for the few seconds of interest but if you can't focus bug off.
  18. Sora de Eclaune

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    Feb 15, 2011
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    123 Fake Street
    I can help with grammar editing all the translations, if you need any help with that.

    Also, what's up with the first post? The bulleted list kind of looks screwed up.
  19. Auryn

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    Jul 21, 2011
    Well rastsan, are you telepatic?? I don't think so how you know what i like or dislike??
    I wasn't offering directly help because I am not sure if I can help somehow but I was interested into look in this game again but that is something that I will forget very quickly because of your answer just quoted.
    Like i tried to express on my post "essence of romhacking" i am one of those guys that spend the night looking at screens of hex numbers just to try to figure out a pattern.
    I had a look at the game a while ago and I didn't see something that was so difficult to figure out so I was almost sure i can do something for you and by your answer where exactly the problem is, i could concentrate directly on the right point of the game.
    But ok, you don't like me so i will beware of supporting or help you out in any way in the future.
  20. rastsan

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    May 28, 2008

    The bullet thing is something wrong with gbatemp. I have to re-write that entire post. Its a lot better than the "if you can help pm me" that was there.

    unfortunately the translation isn't done yet. Heck I haven't worked on this game for a long time. I get to go over tinke code and try to figure out how its reading my map files (raw). the offset according to tinke doesn't seem to coincide with reality. the offsets in tinke's property pane have no bearing on what is actually in hex in the file. yet somehow that information is being loaded up and worse correctly. sigh...

    so... not necessary for you to know but I am posting it anyways...(according to tinke)

    Generic Header Format

    Offset Length Name Description
    0x0 0x45504650 "EPFP" Magic ID Identifies the file format.
    0x6 0x6 Constant Always (0x100) not actually there in hex 100 could be 64 and the first 64 is found at offset 12E, then at 22e. 100 (0001) isn't anywhere in the one file in question. In fact all of the offsets aside from "epfp" actually lead to a repeated value that fits with my suspicion of matrice (matrix).
    0x10 0x10 Id Section 1
    0x14 0x6000 length (other file 8000)
    0x18 24(0x18) tiles y the only "18" is listed at offset 0x246
    0x1A 32(0x20) tiles x "20" isn't even in the file.
    0x1C tile form depth 4bit
    0x palete # (for the one file 7 to 13)
    0x other map needed info
    loaded from
    loaded to

    in case of mise.isc from sys_bg.icl, sys_s_bg.icg width is 96 height is 96
    mise_area_kabu.isc from sys_bg.icl, sys_s_bg.icg width is 160 height is 32
    mise_area_moji.isc from sys_bg.icl, sys_s_bg.icg width is 32 height is 16

    name_main_bg.icl (change depth)
    name_alphabet.isc width is 256(hex 0001) height is 128 (hex 8000)
    loads tile from (A008),(C008),(0008),
    name_hiragana.isc width is 256 height is 120
    name_katakana.isc width is 256 height is 120
    name_pitch.isc width is 168 height is 80
    name_string_comment.isc width is 256 height is 48
    name_string_name width is 256 height is 48
    name_symbol.isc width is 256 height is 120