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    Hello Everyone,

    I hope someone of you is able to help me out with either a link to a guide how to do it or with an explanation why it happens.

    I have installed henkaku and enso on my 3.65 PS TV with the help of a 16GB Sony Memory Card which I still have here around.

    What I did was the following:

    1. I updated my PSTV to 3.65 over a guide from
    2. I inserted my MemoryCard from my PS Vita (Handheld) which contained a h-encore version + Vitashell and so on
    3. I executed h-encore on my PSTV which went through successful
    4. I moved the enso.vpk via FTP to the PSTV and executed it to have enso permanently installed.

    My Plan is to install a 200GB MicroSD Card via SD2Vita.
    I wanted to move all these tools to my Internal Storage of the PSTV so I am not in need of the Sony Memory Card.

    But as soon as I remove the Sony Memory Card the following happens.

    - the Henkaku Options disappear from the Settings System.
    - I can not use QCMA anymore to connect the PSTV with my PC, it tells me all the time i have to update the system software.
    - If the Spoofing was enabled in the Henkaku Settings, the Version Code remains, it shows 3.68.

    Has anyone a tip for me how I can solve this?

    Kind regards
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    (Firmware 3.60/3.65 Henkaku copies the contents of the internal memory to sd2vita) (had to copy manually with 1000 series vita?)

    (Firmware 3.68 H-encore needs "official memory card" for the contents of "internal memory" it modifies) (doesn't copy)

    You don't have a lot of choices, 3.68 H-Encore doesn't double install over 3.65, you have to upgrade. Unlink the Memory card, take the "ux0" folder's contents to the root of the sd2vita card, use your PC. And 3.68 should identify it after you run "refresh database".
    If you create an account with sony, free member/or-paid, anytime you "factory restore and delete all memory", and then sign into that same account, the vita will generate the same license credentials, should be the same if you select that you don't have a sony in theory the above method should work if your migrating your memory card from 3.65 to 3.68.
    You can't keep enso on 3.68, best think to do, rather than risk a brick if your on 3.65, use the enso uninstaller for 3.65, then upgrade the firmware the official way...................if you just have one vita, most people do, just upgrade. (rather then risk a brick, seems like you maybe will start from stratch)

    (try 64bit qcma)
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