Issues making 3DS Gameboy VC .cia

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    Hi there! I am trying to make a legitimate-looking rom injection and I came across a banner.bin-retain-animation tutorial. I wanted to ask a few questions because I'm not too familiar with the custom VC-injection process.

    I decrypted Mega Man II GB using its xorpads on a 4.5U 3DSXL, then used it as a base for my injection.
    I followed your tutorial, then I generated a banner.bin and an icon.bin using bannertool and my modified .cgfx/dumped .bcwav/48x48icon.png and I'm confused about a couple of things:

    - When compiling in bannertool, do you know which flags I should set to make it behave exactly like any other VC title and/or a way to dump that information from an existing rom?
    - For two frames of the spinning animation, my 3D gameboy model displays the "Mega Man II GB" title on its screen very briefly and switches back to my custom banner texture?
    - I'm also having trouble editing the icon preview picture. It shows up as intended in the Gateway Menu if I compile a .3ds, but after selecting it and letting it load, the icon says "3DBrew" on a blue O3DS, and crashes when I run it.
    - When I install the vc injection as a .cia, it runs fine, but the preview icon says "Mega Man II" and if I press home mid-game, on the top screen it says "Mega Man II" for the text as well as the picture.

    Would anyone happen to know what's going on?
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