Issue running a game with Adrenaline-3 (3.01)

Discussion in 'PS Vita - Hacking & Homebrew' started by atlboyz_247, Apr 17, 2017.

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    Has anyone tried running Kingdom Heart BBS Final Mix on Adrenaline-3? After I run the game, it black screens, but I figured it might be because I'm running it compresses as a CSO, and maybe Adrenaline doesn't work too well with CSOs? The PSX emulator so far has worked seamlessly, but I can't run this game. I also ran it on my PSP Go a minute ago, and it worked fine too. It goes straight into a black screen that makes my Vita run wonky after force quitting the PSP app on the Vita side. Going to test a couple other titles, but it seems that this title is either not working or it's something I'm not understanding with the emulator itself.

    EDIT: Also does someone know how to get the PSX Emulator running full screen on the Vita?
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    I forgot
    It's likely a problem game with Adrenaline, you'll either have to try another rip (maybe uncompress it, see what happens) or you'll have to wait and see TheFlow will fix it.

    As to your second question, hold down the PS Button, go to Settings, and then go to "Open Official Settings" in the Adrenaline menu to get to the official settings where you can change screen size. IIRC it's in "Other Settings".
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