Is V(*)hax dead?

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    I installed VVVVVVV on my 3ds to get an entry point to Homebrew, since I want to update my console to run Pokemon Sun online.
    I'm currently at 11.0 with OOThax but since the randomization ram thing, I can't access the save from my 3ds and update the payload.

    The problem, is that httpwn doesn't work to bypass the updates for games that use extra RAM and I decided to buy VVVVVV to install a payload for 11.2. Sadly it says that the remastered version is not compatible with vhax (welp 8 bucks wasted, still awesome game :P)

    Is there another way to install an entry point or simply I'm screwed?
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    People tell you to not update for a reason.
    Since you were clearly on 10.7 or below you could have installed a9lh and not worry about losing hacks while updating.
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