Is using a 3ds flashcart for me?

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    Hey guys,

    First time poster here, though I've lurked for a while and have previously hacked my Wii/Dreamcast (if those count...) before. I know this is probably a compilation of questions that has definitely been answered ad nauseam before, but I checked the various faqs and couldn't quite get what I was looking for.

    So, I recently bought a 3ds XL and bought Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei 4 to support some genres I don't think get enough love. I am, however, very poor and can't afford to spend very much money (+ I'm interested in homebrew, though I think one of the faqs mentioned there's not a great scene on the 3ds due to Nintendo?). My basic question is...Is there any way to consistently keep my firmware updated (it's currently fully updated) so I can I can keep using the e-shop, while simultaneously using a flashcart? Or are these things patched nonstop?

    I know with a lot of consoles/handhelds these days it seems you can either buy things legally and use them online, or get a few things illegally (but simultaneously purchase legitimate games) and be completely unable to access the internet on your console.

    Maybe I should just buy a regular DS and get a flashcart for that...? I suspect that's probably the most viable option, but I want to make sure. Of course, if anyone has any suggestions for flashcarts, that'd be great, but I can search around for more info on that rather than wasting people's times on common questions.

    Thanks in advance!

    edit: I saw another poster more or less just below me mention this card aka Supercard DSTWO which, at least according to the website, looks like what I'm looking for. The seller also says "Reply:Dear Victor,
    7-35 days is possible but the average time should be 10-20 days.
    Yes. DSTWO can work with 3DS v6.3.0-12u and can be upgraded forever.

    Anyone have any experience with the card? Sounds like what I'm looking for, I think.
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    the answers you are seeking are contained across a few key stickie topics. you are also asking common questions asked thousands of times before. so while you said you couldn't find what you were looking for, i think it is more of a case of not digesting what you have read.

    the r4i gold ( and the SCDS2 are our top recommended ds-mode flash kits. both support the current 3ds firmware. the SCDS2 does a lot more than other kits, so be sure to poke around their official site to see if those extra features are worth the additional cost for you. if you want to play 3DS ROMs then your only choice right now is the Gateway 3DS but you need to be on firmware 4.1-4.5 to use the card. You can "spoof" the NAND and run a "fake" updated firmware which should allow you access to the e-shop. but if you aren't on 4.1-4.5 this is a moot point. there is no 3DS-mode homebrew because 3DS homebrew does not yet exist. the system was only recently exploited.

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