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    Jan 26, 2017
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    So I succesfully homebrewed (homebrew? modded? whatever) my N3DS, and have been browsing the Wii U homebrew subforum and am here to ask... is it worth it?
    I recently traded in my Wii U during GameStop's promotion for extra credit toward the Switch preorder, but am looking at getting a Wii U again for homebrew. I guess my real question here is, what are the major differences between my homebrew handheld and a homebrew Wii U that would warrant it? What all can I do with a homebrew Wii U that'd make it worth buying the console again?
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    Wii U homebrew isn't that huge. The Wii U is more powerful then the N3DS so it can run better homebrew but hardly anyone is interested in making homebrew for the console (only 5 or 6 active devs for this console)
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    Well, you can play Wii U games, obviously. There might be enough games to warrant a purchase, depends on how many games you played before you traded in your Wii U.
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    Apr 17, 2015
    im still debating if i want to "GET" botw on wii u then purchese it on switch also ............