is there anything newer than 3.65 perma-enso cfw !?

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    hey guys, as title says is there anything newer?
    i read about that h-encore, and also something called letmaidie?

    i am still on 3.65 enso cfw the permanent one, it is quite good but i do get hangs here and there where i am forced to reboot/sometimes reboots into recovery and then needing to reboot the system.

    it usually hangs either within some homebrew app where i fiddle with , but the majority of the time it hangs for me when i play some psx/psp in adrenaline..(freezes after i exit out of a game not whilst playing). and also i use a original Sony 64gb card

    i am on the latest adrenaline, but i have to boot it twice again to have it run.
    it didnt used to be that way, i changed something in config i guess..
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  2. LuigiXL

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    Jan 19, 2016
    Permanent no, but 3.68 hencore is stable for me and takes 2 seconds to load from the dash.
    letmaidie is for playing newer games on older CFW as far as i know.
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    Stay on 3.65
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