Is there any chance Cing will return?

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    Early last year it was heartbraking for me to hear that the Developer Cing (The ones who made Another Code AKA Trace Memory, Hotel Dusk, codeveloped Little King's Story) had to shut down after going bankrupt.
    Hotel Dusk was one of my favorite, heck it was in many ways the best DS title IMO,and it was not on par with anything i'd seen before, because of it's simple setting and excellent writing, characters and plot.

    But to cut to the chase, my question is.
    Is there any posibility that Cing or at least some of it's crew will move on as another developer, or at least int.egrate with another gaming company?
    Because i'm wondering what the chances are that we'll see a title like Hotel Dusk for the 3DS.
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    It's unlikely that Cing will return, however the programmers that made those games are sure to find employment in different companies and will surely give the games they'll be working on a "Cing" feel.