Is there an updated CFW2OFW Compatibility List?

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    I've looked everyone for a month and couldn't find any results. I'm looking for a list that has a bigger game count than the ones on psdevwiki and psx-place.
    You know, cause a lot of games aren't listed, and I don't know if some have updates or not. Some PSN games aren't even listed, which is to be expected with the PS3's huge library of games. So would anyone know where I can find a list that has more game info and such? Thanks!
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    1. Afro Samurai (BLUS30264)
    2. Beyond: Two Souls (BCES01123 + NPEA90127) - релиз Csalretepman
    3. Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Box (BLES00462)
    4. BioShock (BLES00316/NPEB90102)
    5. Call of Duty World at War (BLES00404) - скорее всего работает и американка
    6. Call Of Juarez Bound In Blood (BLUS30347 + NPUB30637) или BLES00556
    7. Condemned 2: Bloodshot (NPUB90084 + BLUS30115)
    8. Fight Night Round 4 (BLUS30285)
    9. flOw (NPUA80001)
    10. Gran Turismo HD Concept (NPUA80019)
    11. Heavy Rain: Move Edition (BCES00802 + NPEA90076) - релиз Csalretepman
    12. IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey (BLES00649 + NPEB90167)
    13. Mirror's Edge (NPEB90114 + BLES00322) или (NPEB90114 + NPEB00052)
    14. MotorStorm Pacific Rift (BCES00129)
    15. Need for Speed Undercover (BLES00450)
    16. Rayman Legends (NPEB90505 + BLES01863) или (NPEB90505 + NPEB01356)
    17. Sleeping Dogs (NPEB01046 + NPUB90832)
    18. Star Wars The Force Unleashed - Ultimate Sith Edition (BLUS30445 + BLUS30144)
    19. Stranglehold (BLES00144 + NPEB90044 или NPHB00017)
    20. Syndicate (BLES01371 + NPUB90713)
    21. Timeshift (BLES00159 + NPEB90036 или NPEB90049)
    22. Trine (NPEB90200 + NPEB00100)
    23. Watchmen The End is Nigh Part 2 (NPEB00108)
    24. WipEout HD Fury (BCES00664)

    ............ (inaccurate)

    These susposed worked "prepatched" on HAN the firmware for all ps3 models, the instructions in the official compatibility list do not work for those games, specifically I tried "birds of prey", and "motorstorm pacific rift" several attempts too! (google that information or list, good luck)

    Only "cfw2ofw helper" on real disk backups worked or googled. No other method. so probably more is being done, or these consoles use hacked firmware too, trying to test one off that list but i'll see.


    (indicates they are tested already on HAN, guess i'll go with that statement)
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    Motorstorm_ Pacific Rift [BCES00129]
    1HGAME-BCES00129_00-CHANGENAME000000.pkg (about 13 gigs)
    2PATCH-BCES00129_00-CHANGENAME000000.pkg (about 1.5 gigs)

    This does work "PrePatched", the instructions to patch it does not work, and I didn't end up with those exact sizes (when i tried to patch the game myself) (the other thread about exclusive method patches, the person was right, it could be NOT done with the instructions online, but it does work prepatched)
    (the official compatibility list references some prepatched games, the special methods are not clear, i'm using HAN, works on all ps3 consoles on official firmware, no mod chips or cfw) (my compatibility list a page or so back, only used cfw2ofw-helper, because that all that work with HAN for bluray backups, no special methods in my testing)-(actually work, none worked at all)

    There not names of scene releases or anything, they are just generated names from one of the ps3 backup handling programs, like "cfw2ofw helper"/"ps3gameconvert", etc.

    IL-2 Sturmovik Birds of Prey [BLES00649]

    I took the prepatched folder, then extracted the folder from the game update official, and then I used "make-backup-pkg" to create two files:

    000000-NPEB90167_00-1GAME00000000000.pkg (about 4.8 gigs)
    000000-NPEB90167_00-2PATCH0000000000.pkg (about 11 mb)

    I think you only have to install the first file that is 4.8 gigs. (normally you would install all files before trying to launch the game). Testing this now. (HAN (the hack for all ps3 consoles) uses .pkg files to install games, so those loose folder have to be built into package files).

    Just installing the first package (about 4.8 gigs) works, don't install the second one, I only extracted the update folder with the prepatched one just to build them without problems using "make-backup-pkg".

    (it will crash if you select the second option from start menu for psn, otherwise the game is not in english, its in russian or something, so not playable for can play the missions the game does work)

    (the other games are on nopaystation, but, if its just a single folder or two that needs to be built into a package follow the example above)
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