Is it worth waiting?

Discussion in 'PS Vita - Hacking & Homebrew' started by girth, Nov 24, 2013.

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    I just bought a vita and it is running the 1.06 firmware. Is there currently any reason to stay at this firmware or should I just update to the current firmware? I would eventually like to hack my vita, if it ever gets hacked, and I know that the older the firmware the more likely I am to have the ability to hack but I would also like to play some of the newer games. So now I come to you lovely chaps to help guide me in my decision.

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    Nov 25, 2013
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    Knowing what the future may bring or not in a given home-brew scene is random at best, but one thing you can be sure of is, if they release a hack that brings CFW on Vita mode (as opposed to the current PSP mode-only), they won't just release it for an ancient firmware, because they know it won't have as many "customers" as releasing it for a current or recent firmware version. I assume when the time comes (if ever at all!) you'll start seeing rumors and then people will be in your situation ("better not upgrade, in anticipation to this!").
    The previous opinion was if they ever break Vita-mode.

    Now, the current scene (for me) is depressing. Only PSP-mode hacked. I (personally) don't find any use for it. I can already play PSP games on my old PSP, so having a ~200USD PSP? No thanks.
    If you however, find the PSP-mode hack to be amazing, then I'd say hold on, if you have a PS3 and can download the game with an exploit there so to transfer afterwards with OpenCMA (or whatever that thingy is called). However if you don't have a PS3 then you are sort of in a catch-22 where you can't download the game exploit and if you updated it wouldn't probably work so...
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    1.06? There's no real reason to be anywhere below 2.12 (the last kernel exploit). Staying any lower than that will not benefit you in any way.

    Even then, we know there will be a kernel exploit released for 3.xx. So you may as well upgrade to 3.xx, grab some good games, and see what the final kernel exploit is like.
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    Take my advice and give up on the vita the day a kernel exploit gets reasleased the day the world ends lol well you get what I'm saying right? Just use a psp on cfw does the same thing just no second analog stick... Besides over 20 exploits were patched with the 3.00 update including to kernel exploits they founders of the kernel exploits waited and waited and waited until it was to late now all there hard work was for nothing serves them right if you ask me...
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    Oct 31, 2013
    The older firmwares are more susceptible to hacks as they still contains the bugs that were not fixed in newer versions. It's impossible to tell whether a full vita hack will be on newer or older firmware.

    That's exactly what kills any dev's motivation to continue their hard work.
    lol @ serves them right, i hope they crack the thing and keep it to themselves, that would serve you right.
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    I not sure how much knowledge you have of the Vita Scene.... There is an upcoming kernal vulnerability that will allow full kernal control of the built in PSP emulator being released by the name of "TN-V4" It's the closest to homebrew on the PS Vita your going to get. Dont let that scare you away, Emulators and PSP games looks magnificent on dat OLED.

    The first and only publicly available kernal exploit only runs up until 2.02 using the PSP game UNO. But user-mode exploits (aka VHBL) are available upto 2.61
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    Lmao it's not my fault there brain dead and wait so long to realese it that it gets patched... 20+ exploits were patched with the 3.00 update and don't give me that I kill there motivation bs it's there fault Ty waited so long not mine... Maybe with 20+ exploits lost they will have more common sense and not wait so long as for there choice to release it or not id rather they do keep to them selves and me not know about it then to get my hopes up and slap me in the face when there patched after waiting so long...
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    Ooops, should've asked here:
    Anyways took advantage of the Amazon bundle deal purely to get a Vita for $175. Didn't care much about the bundled games & stuff, plus next-to-useless 4GB card(ordered a 32GB with the bundle).

    So this thing showed up today, and I did the most basic setup possible, 32GB mem card -> trial PSN, setup WiFi to check. Doing something or other it asked about updating the fw which I decided to decline.

    Went to check fw, and it's 1.0.6.

    So I guess my question from this being my first Sony handheld console(skipped psp, not many good native games, and by the time I looked for a portable psx emu it was dicey about getting the fw hacked, plus phones and other devices had caught up enough to do good psx emu on their own, but not necessarily with ideal controls(touch screen kinda sucked) and others usually lack 2 shoulder buttons). what is the difference between the user mode exploit and kernel?

    User-mode = temporary?
    kernel = "permanent"?

    Any "feature" difference between the two?

    I also picked up Persona for it(I liked the psx games, and the ps2 games so I figured hey even if it's not hackable portable fun for probably hundreds of hours...)

    It's busily charging up right now, so it'll be a while before I feel like I must decide, although from the sounds of things I'm thinking may as well just update fw to latest...

    bah nm, just went and looked at prices on buying from sony's store... cheap enough that I don't feel too ripped off buying my games at least twice(some will be as many as 4 or 5 times... which makes me sad though...)
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    Generally I believe the kernel exploits let you run downloaded PSP games, while the usermode exploits just let you run PSP homebrew. I may be wrong though.
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    At this point in time no and I don't expect that to change anytime soon. People have either lost interest in hacking or the newer consoles are just impossible for anyone to hack right now. I am guessing its the second reason.
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    I kinda abandoned the idea of buying consoles with a care of them being hacked when I started earning money and could just buy my games.
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    You probably feel more compelled to beat them too.