is it worth gettint a ethernet spliters for a cable modem?

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    i had a choicbetween PS3 or laptop to log in here.i'm on my PS3 right now the places that are around here are wal-mart and radio shack and i'm looking to buy local... so are ethernet spliters worth modems to connect my PS3 and Laptop cause i only got ethernet port let me know.
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    ethernet spliters? you want a router or a hub.
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    You can't have both have a connection at once, as home connections are only assigned one IP nowadays (at least, it's been 5+ years since I've heard of ISPs leasing two IPs to one household, they just toss a router at you).

    You'll likely just want a router.
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    ISPs still can lease 2 IPs toone household, but they make you lay through the nose for the second line.

    As above, get a router.
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    Router, or a switch. Depending on what you're doing (if you want computer to computer file sharing, for example) you might want an Gigabit one (10/100/1000). For all intents and purposes, it more or less acts as a router, minus the wireless networking.

    If wireless is desirable, get a router. If you don't care about it, a cheap switch (as you see, newegg has em for 10 bucks minimum) could be good enough.

    Edit - also, note, an ethernet splitter is VERY different from an ethernet switch. I have a bunch of stuff in my room running off of a switch. If you're completely opposed to buying online, I don't believe Radioshack sells switches, I would imagine Walmart does, I know for a fact Target (I work there) and Best Buy do, if there happen to be any near you.