is it the flash or the 12v fan?

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    Ok, I'm not sure if it's the firmware or the 12v fan that's installed, but all the new games I backup don't play right or I get the message while in a game that it can not read the disc because it's scratched or dirty.
    I think the firmware I flashed was the 3.0, I'm kind of going towards the fan it's the type that is connected to the dvd drive power, and it gives off a vibration inside the box, so could it be vibrating to the point where it's interfering with the disc being read? anybody got any suggestions?
    one more thing, it seems to have more trouble with the EA games more than any other.
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    Remove your fan mod and return it to either stock or solder it to the PSU pinouts.
    Leeching off off the DVD drive is bad anyway.

    Have you correctly patched your backups?