Is it safe to use TinyFormat in A9LH Updated SysNAND?

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    Hey guys,

    I'm currently getting my OTP and installing A9LH. At the end of the guide (Part 5 (arm9loaderhax & CakesFW) in my case), it says to make a final backup "sysNAND-A9LHAX.bin". However, I want a fully clean SysNAND backup to store. So is it safe to first use TinyFormat to clean my SysNAND and then do the final backup?
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    You can restore a sysnand backup without a9hl. Then, clean up it, and reinstall a9hl on it with the .3dsx!! (i don't know if it's safe to use tinyformat on a9lh system, sorry)
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    If you followed the guide completely, you should already have a fully clean pre-a9lh sysnand backup. Part 3 step 20-25 you formatted sysnand with TinyFormat and set up menuhax, and Part 4 step 20, you saved that 9.2 sysnand as sysNAND_original.bin. Is that not what you had in mind? If you ever want to restore without any hax, just restore that 9.2 backup and change the theme, and menuhax is removed, leaving you with a clean formatted 9.2.

    (edit) And I think I misread, haha. If you want an a9lh nand that's formatted, I'd just use the sysnand backup I mentioned and install a9lh on it after the fact. No point in keeping another nand backup when you can install a9lh so easily again now that you have the OTP.
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