Is it really play SF4 on 3ds?

Discussion in '3DS - Games & Content' started by ekahazesi, Feb 6, 2016.

  1. ekahazesi

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    Feb 3, 2016
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    How you think is it really play street fighter 4 on 3ds?
    after all it's uncomfortable and console self is not good lay in hand. plus those combo touch buttons obviously down all pleasure because that "hardcore" game for hardcore boys
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  2. gbaboy123

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    3ds is less powerful than the consoles so your not going to get an exact version but i don't think is a bad port, you can still make all the combos with the buttons and i don't think the controllers are uncomfortable. compared to the ipod version the 3ds version is much better, plus you get all stages and characters plus the 3d mode which consoles don't have.
  3. MrLuigix64

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    I really liked the 3DS Version, the D-Pad have a good precision on timing, the stick is more confortable to me. Also the Game includes lots of costumes that you have to pay for them on the other versions. The 3D mode its Good, but I rather preffer turn it of on the Options because it blocks the game to 30 FPS, turning off the 3D will make the game playable in 60 FPS. Its Glorious.

    The downsides... I dont like the super moves on the touch screen, there are many many MANY noobs Online spamming Sonic Booms+Flash Kick with Guile, Hondas slams and headbutts, Adons and their Jaguar kicks, ITS ANNOYING, but the most frustrating is the AUTO-BLOCK, you can punish players because the block automaticaly and can recover from the block stun spamming attacks.

    Fortunately, you can play online with people with the SAME configuration of your buttons PRO or LITE, I recommend you to use the PRO.
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  4. cvskid

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    Apr 13, 2014
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    Good luck trying to find decent people to play online with that use pro controls though. I tried, and it's rough. At least the online netcode for the game isn't as bad as something like super smash bros or tekken 3d prime. Makes you want to just avoid people who use charge characters alltogether in the 3ds version.
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