Is it better to use emulation recording tools or other software to record videos?

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    I notice there is some tools in some emulators to record videos and produce a video file to watch them in. Though they don't have the same high quality (And by that I mean resolution) you would see if you was viewing the source emulator in Full screen but it produces a accurate recording of the source as it would be viewed on the proper console you are emulating.

    Basically my question is would it be better to use those functions and somehow improve the video through re-encoding them or just use some screen capture software like Open broadcast system to record the direct video emulation at high resolutions? Most of why I ask is just having proper accurate representation of the video and perhaps compressed file size.
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    The real time scaling done by emulators is going to be less than the does not need to be real time scaling and filters available to a video editor. You are not gaining anything by maximising the screen -- no extra detail, no great draw distance, nothing you get on a normal PC game.

    If I am doing things I always use internal capture where available, usually to a lossless codec, and then encode however I will. However I always edit my videos where if you want a basic stream to just stick up somewhere then the other way may be easier for you.

    Bonus 2 with using internal is sometimes it can have extra options like recording button presses.
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