Misc Is anyone still MAC Cycling for Homepass?


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Oct 31, 2017
Hi, I'm new here, so I'm sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place.

I used to recieve homepass by having my MAC onto the FatMagic's Spreadsheet, but my 3DS simply stopped working (after formatting itself alone and deletting all my streetpass games progress), and I got a new2DSxl. The problem is, mr. FatMagic doesn't seen to be updating the spreadsheet anymore.

I sent an email 9 days ago, and today I tryied PMing him on reddit, but until now, nothing.

So I would REALLY appreciate if people who are still MAC Cycling could please add my MAC for the cycles.
My MAC is 64-B5-C6-00-F5-1E

I've spent the last few days trying to work out how to MAC Cycle. All the options seens outdatted too.
I've tried almost everything that I could do without having to but a very expensive new router or RaspberryPi (DD-WRT and Raspberrys are way too expensive in Brazil were I live).

Router MAC cloning: Didn't worked. My router only clones wan MAC and not the lan MAC
Android: Didn't worked. Rooted my old Samsung S4 for trying. Tryed Riilay, AndroidPass and the WiFi Tether. Only Android Pass actually changed my MAC for one, but it seens that it does not change for the hotspot. Spent last 3 hours testing and got nothing with the most recommendable MAC of the Spreadsheet.
RhyzHomepass (found on youtube): even with the wifi adapter, my pc and notebook gave the error because it could not create the hotspot.
NBA: still trying, but I guess I'll have the same problem as RhyzHomepass.

So if you can help me cycling my MAC, thank you very much!

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