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    Feb 7, 2012
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    Hi there

    Here is my late introduction

    I've been lurking gbatemp for about a year and a half or so when I first modded my Wii

    I recently got a 3DS and enjoy the topics are it

    However, im gonna add a little rant in my introduction

    I bought a flashcart from ndsgamer on Tuesday night, and then they decide to ship it Thursday night.

    Thus, I lose a day and instead of my cart arriving today, it's going to arrive on Monday, as well as a micro sdhc card i bought from newegg a day later.

    I know NDSgamer can't control how fast USPS ships, but they generally promise same day shipping (so i expected it to ship Wednesday), and I'm a little bit dissapointed that it shipped late thursday. I have sent NDSgamer an email about this but its been about 3 days and they haven't responded.

    Meh, I also tried to cancel an order from lightake before it got shipped (same r4i gold 3ds), but after 2 days, they told me to wait, and then the next day they shipped it. To my knowledge, lightake only has good customer service at the email instead of the email

    So if you guys want to get something accomplished, try sending an email to instead of

    Anyways theres my little rant and introduction.

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    Mar 7, 2011
    Welcome to GBAtemp! Have fun and enjoy your stay! :yay:

    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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    Late... again, anyways welcome, feel free to as anyone about anything! cheers

    PS: EoF is a place where no one takes you seriously, so be warned.