install dsi ware on a dsi from the sd card

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  1. Michael251001

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    Sep 25, 2018
    Hello,Couldnt find the "Ask a question" button so i post this here.
    I have 2 DSI's one has Hiya CFW on it. The other one doesnt have any exploitable software on it (Flipnote etc.)
    So my question is:
    Is there any way to install dsi ware from the sd card on the data management section in the system settings.If i copy the flipnote .app file in the sd card and then modify it so im able to install it on the dsi?.

    Or do i really need to hardmod it?.
    Couldnt find a proper guide to hardmod.

    Im new here on GBAtemp.

  2. Trash_Bandatcoot

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    Jul 14, 2018
    Yes, unfortunatly, you have to hardmod it to get any exploits onto it.
    Minor soldering skills are required, so be careful.

    Also, I forgot where it was, but the hardmod tutorial is on this site, just look for it through the “tutorial” section.