Inexpensive Handheld Consoles?

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    My Dad's girlfriend has two kids that come over with her a lot (Age 8 and 10). The kids don't have much even at home because the mother doesn't make much money for being a single mother of two children for a long time. Most of the time the kids watch TV in the living room but the house is small for that and they're constantly restless and it leads to trouble and stress on everybody and I can't always let them be in my room to escape when i'm at work and don't always have everything to spare in the meantime for them.

    I want to buy them each a handheld they can use not only while they're here but to keep them occupied in their pretty tough at home situation where they seek solace and quiet here. Preferably something a flash cart or custom firmware could be used on so there are plenty of games I can digitally back up to the two of their systems (PSP, 2DS, GBA?)

    Mainly I just want to know the best place for deals on handheld systems that don't have to be as up to date as say a New 3DS or PS Vita they can have around and they really aren't picky and would appreciate anything I could give them

    EDIT: Don't know if this part of the forum is suitable for this question if it needs to be moved please tell me
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    get a DS Lite with a flash cart and you're good to go.

    DS has loads of kid games too.

    DS lite are cheap used and as a massive catalog.
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    I say go with 2DS (maybe used/refurbished), add a big SD card and hack it and put FreeShop on it and show them how to use it.
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    I forgot
    I'd probably agree with the DS Lite and flashcard suggestion, get like an DSTwo or an AK and load it up with whatever games you think they might be interested in. The DS has tooooooons of software for just about everyone, and it should be super cheap to get 2 of them nowadays.
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    I second (third?) the DS suggestion, you can get them very cheap, they have a large game library, a lot of two-player games if the kids want to play together, and GBA compatibility if you want to expand later on.