Inazuma Eleven: Remastered Version

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    Inazuma Eleven: Remastered Version
    A delocalisation hack for Inazuma Eleven

    Inazuma Eleven is a Japanese game series based on football (soccer) that has since spawned several other games and other media. Surprising many the first game in the series got a European release a month or so back despite it being a couple of years since the Japanese release but surprising nobody said release has localised a great deal of the game. Undubs are nothing new to DS rom users and hackers but this project went above and beyond that (indeed doing some fairly high grade hacks) to remaster the game to a more fan friendly format (list of changes in spoiler below).

    The game itself is an RPG (perhaps not fully fledged RPG but certainly not just "RPG elements") mixed with a stylus driven real time sports/strategy game hybrid (think some of the mario sports games)- a fairly popular genre mashup in Japan but something we rarely see outside it. It probably will not do much for those that dislike football but others are encouraged to give it a spin[/p]

    Change list

    [​IMG] Original hack thread for the game
    [​IMG] Hack release thread and download links
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