In-game save/save state failure?

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    Sep 3, 2012
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    Ok, here is my issue. I have successfully modded my Wii, using Letterbomb to initiate, followed by HomeBrews most recent application. I have also been able to successfully use the WiiSX to play the games I have. I use only .bin files, for some reason the .cue files don't read/work at all. My issue is this, with my SD card I have a sub-folder for saves, but every time I go to save the games I play from "Save points" I get dump codes, and when I try to use Save States, they fail almost every time. The ones that do not fail, freeze up the game when I reload the game, and then start from the save states.

    Am I doing something wrong with my SD card, or are their files/programs missing that I need.

    In general this is how my SD card looks from a typed out point of view:

    private(folder, with at least 1 folder inside another folder, that seems to go on for ever)

    I have the games in the proper folders, but my trouble is mainly saving the progress of the games I've been playing. Any help in figuring out the issue here would be greatly appreciated. Also if this is in the wrong area, I apologize, but I did not know where else to turn to for help.

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