I'm most likely getting a PS3.

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    So, I decided to get a PS3 because of an enormous list of games (28 and 4 that are not released yet) that I want to play but I can't because of my dedication to Nintendo up to now. But seeing how this is my first console not by Nintendo, I want to ask a few questions:

    New PS3 Slims 120GB here in Mexico are about $340 dollars. I want to hack the PS3 I end up getting.
    The one I'm interested in is a "Playstation 3 Fat 60gb Retrocompatible" with 4 USB Ports, DD 60GB and it's model is CECHB01.
    It's price is aproximately $200-$210, and it has CFW 3.55 (Waninkoko).
    The catch, however, is that it doesn't have controllers and cables. I'll have to buy those myself, so if you could list me which cables I need it'd be pretty helpful.

    1) Does it differ much if I get a FAT model instead of a SLIM model? I mean, they're only different on looks or is there anything risky about owning a FAT?

    2) Can I access the PS3 Online Store and play online? One of the games I want is Scott Pilgrim, but if I can't it'd be OK.

    3) How much are the cables that I'd need to buy?

    4) Can I load hacks from the "60 GB DiscDrive) this PS3 has? I suppose it's the internal DD, so can I still run it from the internal DD or do I need to get another DD? And if I can't, can I load them from my 250 GB HDD that I use with my Wii?

    5) It has Waninkoko's CFW, I've read that the change of getting the yellow light are higher and a lot of bricked PS3s have this firmware, is the new revision (3.55) safe to use?

    Thanks for your help (:
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    PHAT ps3 DO get the YLoD
    i had 2, 60s BOTH YLoD on me



    you NEED CFW to load Back-ups, it must have 3.55 or under

    Playstation 3 Fat 60gb Retrocompatibl, plays ps2 games

    slims CAN NOT play ps2 games
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    1) for the most part, not much difference
    it is smaller, lighter, generates less heat, and uses less electricity
    overall would probably be the better choice as less chance of YLOD

    2) any firmware below 3.66 cannot access PSN, this includes the store, online play, game updates, ect...

    3) for the power cable, its just a standard computer power cable that plugs into the psu, you can use anyone you want
    for the video cable, you can use a PS1/PS2/PS3 composite cable (they are all the same connector), you can also use a PS2/PS3 component cable (once again same connector), you can also use a regular HDMI cable if you want
    as for the controller cable its a standard "USB A male to USB mini B male" cable, the PSP also uses this cable

    4) you can use the included hdd, or upgrade if you find its not enough room, you can also use a usb hdd
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    Thanks to both of you.
    What are the things that you shouldn't do so you don't get the Yellow Light of Death? Or is it completely random?
    And if I get the YLoD, can it get fixed?

    I found another PS3 that has Kmeaw's 3.55 CFW.
    Can I play new games that require firmware 3.56+? If so, how? That's my only worry right now...
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    Hmm... Well you could use a HDD to skip the disk check.
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    No, the game update is working fine.
    Each program/game you launch make a check on Sony's server to see if there's an available game update. It's not part of PSN servers, you can update games witout a PSN account.

    Updates server is even available from the browser, you can download them manually first and install them later from USB (with a custom firmware).
    There are different programs and websites to find update packages. You can check the multiMAN's beginner guide to find a list of "game update" tools.