If you do not know where to go with your money, just throw it after SAMSUNG ..

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    Nov 8, 2018
    The WALL:

    The "Luxury" 146 inch variant will be available for 450,000 euros. For the "Business" 219-inch model and the 292-inch version, amounts in the "high six-digit range" are due. Individual orders are expected to account for more than one million euros.

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    This tv cost more then a lot of people's homes....

    As awesome as it is, the price is not justified 100 inch panels are roughly ~10000 USD, so the extra 470000$ USD or so is just silly. Remembering the price of 50 inch plasmas around ~15000 15 or so years ago, I could see this actully selling for around 15-20000.
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    I forgot
    While I agree the price is dumb high and no one should buy this, it is justified because "The Wall" isn't just some big huge 146" panel, it's a modular display with a bunch of individual panels that you can customize to your desired size and resolution, and uses MicroLEDs which is a brand new display tech that's extremely impressive (basically OLED without any of the drawbacks)...but super expensive and difficult to produce at any kind of mass scale. Seeing how there's only really one other " consumer video wall" like that on the market (from Sony), and there aren't any other "normal" MicroLED TVs on the market yet at all (though Samsung has a 75" TV with MicroLEDs that supposed to launch at...some point), you can't really compare the price to any other TV because nothing like it really exists for consumers.

    But then this definitely isn't a "consumer" product regardless what Samsung says, the whole separate "for business!" model means nothing because the vast majority of people buying any of these are going to be putting them in business locations, not their homes.
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    That's a little..pricey.
    Will be sticking to my regular QLED Samsung TV for the time being.
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