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Aug 12, 2010
United States
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  • Zyvyn @ Zyvyn:
    So after the update I unlocked 2 trophies. Is it possible to see all the other earn-able trophies?
  • AncientBoi @ AncientBoi:
    WOOHOO! I finally put my New battery in my laptop. And as you can see whaala. yay
  • AsPika2219 @ AsPika2219:
    Wow! New shutbox! Yeah! 🥰
  • Seriel @ Seriel:
    @RichardTheKing yes it is a shoutbox replacement, see the main news thread for details
  • Seriel @ Seriel:
    @Zyvyn there aren't any except those 2 currently but more are planned and when they're added you can see them here: https://gbatemp.net/help/categorized-trophies/
    I got there by clicking the number of trophies I have, and then clicking the button labelled "View all available trophies"
  • RichardTheKing @ RichardTheKing:
    @Seriel Why is your reply blinding cream? Is there a way to disable that highlight?
  • Seriel @ Seriel:
    I think that's a theme bug, it happened because I mentioned you.
    The colour choice makes much more sense on the light theme, it's just the dark theme(s) where its super yikes
  • RichardTheKing @ RichardTheKing:
    Yep, your message now (and your own to Zyvyn) isn't cream.
  • RichardTheKing @ RichardTheKing:
    Initial release; not too surprised there's a colour bug, really.
  • AlexMCS @ AlexMCS:
    new shoutbox huh? cool
  • Seriel @ Seriel:
    Yeah I intentionally didn't mention you in that one because I wanted the message to actually be readable hahah
    from Zyvyn's point of view my reply to them will be cream instead
  • Seriel @ Seriel:
    It also sends a forum notification when someone mentions you here, which is really cool if you arent paying attention to chat
  • sailr @ sailr:
    Мой адрес не дом и не улица
  • sailr @ sailr:
    Мой адрес - Советский Союз
  • kenenthk @ kenenthk:
    Anyway to move it back to the main page
  • MegalithAce @ MegalithAce:
    Oh woah
  • Seriel @ Seriel:
    @kenenthk there isn't a way to put it back on the main page unfortunately.
    But you can bring the chat up from any page by clicking the tab in the bottom right corner
  • kenenthk @ kenenthk:
    Seems to be a bit glitchy on mobile doesn't ways want to enter a message
  • MegalithAce @ MegalithAce:
    Oh, there's no more thread sections?
  • MegalithAce @ MegalithAce:
    Now it's all prefix filters ig?
  • Seriel @ Seriel:
    you should read through the announcement thread: https://gbatemp.net/threads/welcome-to-gbatemp-v8.600093/
  • Seriel @ Seriel:
    it explains all this and more
  • MegalithAce @ MegalithAce:
    Awesome, thank you
  • MegalithAce @ MegalithAce:
    I'm still kinda new on this page because I am translating an NDS game solo lmfao
    MegalithAce @ MegalithAce: I'm still kinda new on this page because I am translating an NDS game solo lmfao