I wish there was a lux pain fix.

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    I wish I knew how to hack. Because if I did, I would fix the grammar and other errors that are in the written dialouge for Lux Pain. To bad we couldn't get someone with spare time who knows how to hack.
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    Umm.... I'm confused... Are you asking for someone who knows how to hack to fix the grammar and errors or do you want to learn how to hack?

    What exactly is this thread for? :unsure:
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    It'd be a total overhaul. AFAIK the game was handled so badly, by two different teams(!), it at times forgets whether it's set in Japan or US. You may see a Japanese city mentioned in text then the voice actor say an American equivalent!
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    :blink: Why wish? Why not you start on this project? Instead of telling others about your wish that people dont even bother...
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    First is the European version any good- quite often if it is split the European version will be half decent. Indeed I shall work with that although what I have seen so far says they did not bother to translate it from American and it was English only so I can not infer things from other languages which is a pity (get a bunch of files with extensions/names reflecting their intended language and you often have it made).

    I pulled the rom apart

    Some custom formats for various things but probably a good candidate for a total conversion.

    A mixture of SDAT and adx/AHX audio (see I think it was TWEWY for tools although there are loads) of which the latter is well known and probably quite easy to redump/"fandub" and definitely undub if you were so inclined.

    A basic search with a relative searcher did not next me any text and a couple of things were as straight images in text but most of those appeared to be buttons and such.
    I did not see any compression although I did not really look, it did use the rarely seen GDT archive format though (basically end to end pointers of locations in the coming file).

    After this some minor twists on the standard 2d (nclr, ncer, ntfx images and mods (actimagine) video.

    I had a quick look at the US rom and file name/extension wise it did not appear much different. I probably should look at the Japanese version as well but I have to run shortly.
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    Jun 23, 2009
    I loved that game.
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    In the US rom, the text is uncompressed Shift jis format in the EVT folder. Each file contain some text normally at the bottom of the file.
  8. FAST6191

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    Nov 21, 2005
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    Ah yes must remember to actually look at it in a hex editor, probably should reverse engineer a smaller one as well but quick additions.

    Code sample from broadcast.evt, file ends at 7920 and does not appear to kick off until 2AA6 (A62A) and the header appears to be comprised of sections with 2846 (4628) being one of them.
    0000000000 5343 3031 1800 0000 2602 0000 CA03 0000 SC01....&.......
    0000000010 4628 0000 A62A 0000 A20C FFFF A00C FFFF F(...*..........
    0000000020 FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF ................
    0000000030 FFFF FFFF BE00 F800 9000 A800 1E01 4A01 ..............J.
    0000000040 6C01 9801 4807 5607 BA01 E801 3C02 0403 l...H.V.....<...
    0000000050 FFFF FFFF 5003 5E03 7403 7C03 8603 9003 ....P.^.t.|.....
    0000000060 9A03 8404 9C04 FFFF FFFF F404 1805 5C05 ..............\.
    0000000070 9605 CC05 F406 6C07 8607 9607 AE07 D207 ......l.........
    0000000080 E807 2A08 FFFF 4408 E80A 520C 820C 3C05 ..*...D...R...<.
    0000000090 920C 180A 9E0C 0000 BC0C C40C EA0C 100D ................
    00000000A0 360D 3E0D 460D 5A0D 860D 8E0D 960D BC0D 6.>.F.Z.........
    00000000B0 C40D DE0D 040E 3C0E 440E 4C0E 540E 5C0E ......<.D.L.T.\.
    00000000C0 640E 8A0E FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF d...............
    00000000D0 FFFF FFFF 140F 160F 2010 8E11 FFFF FFFF ........ .......
    00000000E0 1613 2C15 FFFF FFFF DC15 FFFF D616 4217 ..,...........B.
    00000000F0 6418 FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF 701A F01A d...........p...
    0000000100 FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF ................
    0000000110 B81B C81B D81B EC1B FE1B 0E1C 1E1C 321C ..............2.
    0000000120 421C 521C 621C 741C 841C 941C A41C B41C B.R.b.t.........
    0000000130 C41C D41C E41C F41C 041D 141D FFFF FFFF ................
    0000000140 FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF ................
    0000000150 FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF ................
    0000000160 241D 601D 9C1D D81D 141E 501E 8C1E C81E $.`.......P.....
    0000000170 041F 401F 7C1F B81F F41F 3020 6C20 A820 ..@.|.....0 l . 
    0000000180 E420 2021 5C21 9821 D421 1022 FFFF FFFF .  !\!.!.!."....
    0000000190 FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF 920E FFFF ................
    00000001A0 FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF ................
    00000001B0 FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF ................
    00000001C0 FFFF FFFF F023 FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF .....#..........
    00000001D0 FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF 6824 FFFF FFFF FFFF ........h$......
    00000001E0 FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF ................
    00000001F0 FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF ................
    0000000200 FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF ................
    0000000210 FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF ................
    0000000220 4C22 E422 7C23 1E00 8C00 7600 8C00 FC01 L"."|#....v.....
    0000000230 3802 1202 2802 3802 4C03 A803 AE03 BC03 8...(.8.L.......
    0000000240 CC03 DC03 0C04 EC03 FE03 0C04 1C04 4804 ..............H.
    0000000250 2804 3404 4004 4804 5404 8004 6204 7204 (.4.@.H.T...b.r.
    0000000260 8004 8404 9804 9204 EE04 E804 F004 EE05 ................
    0000000270 F605 3006 6006 4006 5206 6006 7C06 AE06 ..0.`.@.R.`.|...
    0000000280 8E06 A006 AE06 BA06 E606 C806 D806 E606 ................
    0000000290 3607 3E07 6E08 140A 9808 C408 F008 1C09 6.>.n...........
    00000002A0 4809 7409 A009 CC09 F809 140A 3E0A E40A H.t.........>...
    00000002B0 8C0A E40A F80A 0A0B 1C0B 2E0B 400B 520B ............@.R.
    00000002C0 640B 760B 880B 9A0B AC0B BE0B D00B E20B d.v.............
    00000002D0 F40B 060C 180C 2A0C 3C0C 4E0C 6A0C 7E0C ......*.<.N.j.~.
    00000002E0 7E0C 780D 3C0F 420F 421D 5E1D 521D 5E1D ~.x.<.B.B.^.R.^.
    00000002F0 7E1D 9A1D 8E1D 9A1D BA1D D61D CA1D D61D ~...............
    Crude text dump.
    Good morning. This is the�news for Mon., Oct. 8th.
    This update is just in
    on the group suicide 1 wk�ago at Yuhigaoka House.
    3 lost their lives in�that sad event.
    Now we think some people�had known of their plan.
    The report was�analyzed this morning
    & has been confirmed�as true.
    This pitiful tragedy�could have been averted.
    Ladies & gentlemen,
    Even in trying times�& sad events,
    please don’t let this�happen again.
    Please think of those�who love you.
    Hello. How are you today?
    I‘ve got a migraine.�I feel awful!
    But the show must go on.
    I can‘t sit here�moaning about it.
    I‘ll just do my best to�get through today’s news.
    The Pan-Asia Conf. starts�today in India.
    Disagreements are found in�the peace-keeping alliance.
    Quarantine as the�F Virus rages on-
    quarantine in name only.
    It‘s still quite�trustworthy.
    Everyone wants a piece�of the Asia funds.
    This isn’t the 1st time�this has happened.
    Bit of a downer, isn‘t it.
    Until next time, then.�See you again.
    Oct. is here. Today‘s�high temp: about 86.
    Polar ice caps in danger:
    If they melt, UVrays�will be stronger than ever.
    The news is pretty�grim lately.
    The Criminal Correction�Bill has finally passed.
    Repeat offenders will now�be isolated & tested.
    Vital questions about�the law remain undecided.
    It passed due to many�recent mysterious crimes.
    Testing is done by- Li-
    by the Lithog Method:�detection of a
    specific hormone.�When America did this
    2 years ago, their crime�rate fell rapidly.
    If I tested positive�for this hormone,
    should I worry?
    But throughout history,�every human society
    has known violent crime.
    Maybe the new law will�change this forever.
    I hope everyone will give�this some serious thought.
    Until next time, then.�See you again.
    Breaking news:
    Yesterday the body of Naoto�Hidaka, age 28, was found.
    Police are investigating�it as a homocide.
    Mr. Hidaka was a top�battlefield photographer.
    He managed to enter chaotic�Central Asian cities.
    His footage was seen�around the world.
    Many of Mr. Hidaka‘s�battlefield photos
    appeared in�newspapers worldwide.
    He lectured at Kisaragi�School on world geography.
    We pray for his soul &�for his killer‘s arrest.
    Everyone please take�care of yourselves.
    Good afternoon. This is�the news for Thu., Oct. 11.
    A follow-up on Tue.‘s�phantom killer report:
    Just outside our studio,�a reporter was attacked.
    Responding Ofcr. Mako Ando�was severely stabbed.
    The assailant fled in�an unknown direction.
    Ofcr. Ando was taken to�Kisaragi Hospital‘s ICU.
    She died this morning�at 4:23A.M.
    Ofcr. Ando had been on�the police force for 3yrs
    & was loved by the�people of Kisaragi.
    We‘ve lost an important�person today.
    We pray for her soul & for�the arrest of her killer.
    If you have any info. on�this case, please share.
    We need everyone‘s help�to find the killer.
    There is a reward for�information related to
    the murder of�Asst. Insp. Mako Ando.
    This concludes  our report.
    Good afternoon. This is�the news for Sat., Oct. 13.
    Last night, Asst. Insp.�Tanaka, age38, was arrested 
    on charges of abduction &�confinement. His confession
    implies other crimes.In�the commission of this 
    crime was included the�murder of Ofcr. Mako Ando.
    Police are now analyzing�Tanaka‘s testimony. We hope
    that this arrest will end�this spate of incidents.
    Good afternoon. This is the�news for Sun., Oct. 14.
    This morning, tragic�news from Area3:
    A con-artist couple was�arrested in Y City.
    About a year ago, the pair�lived in Area3 Shugo Apts.
    According to their�own testimony, 
    heavily in debt,�they abandoned
    their daughter, age 12, &�moved to Y City. After
    repeated acts of fraud,�the pair were arrested.
    This is a photo of�Lil Shirojima, age 12.
    Her birth cert. is�not available.
    The next part is hard�to believe, but...
    She never once went�outside of her home,
    never played with friends�or went to school.
    When everyone else was�having fun outside with
    their loving families�and friends,
    she must have heard it from�inside her little room.
    what must she have seen?
    She never got the chance�to love or be loved.
    That was all taken�away from her.
    In the end, her parents�deserted her.
    This is absolutely�unforgivable.
    Her parents currently�face fraud charges.
    For her 12 years of�suffering & death,
    no earthly punishment
    could ever fit this crime.
    This just in...
    A man believed to be armed�& dangerous is at large.
    We ask everyone to remain�at home & at work.
    If you‘re away from home�or work, seek shelter.
    We repeat:
    A man believed to be armed�& dangerous is at large.
    We ask everyone to remain�at home & at work.
    If you‘re away from home�or work, seek shelter.
    About an hour ago, this�station received a msg.
    After consulting�with police,
    we decided to release�that message
    in an attempt to�authenticate it.
    Have you thought about it?
    Why so many atrocities�& tragic events lately?
    Coincidence? No, it‘s�the work of 1 man!
    That man is pure monster�in human form,
    and he and his kind�are in your midst!
    They have dark, unearthly�powers to kill us
    I‘ll give up my life to�kill this monster!
    I repeat, there‘s a monster�in your midst. It can
    read minds, see the future,�communicate with animals.
    Are these human abilities?�Absolutely not!
    This is our enemy to watch�out for, an enemy among us!
    I go now to drive this�being out of this realm.
    This is the transmission�we just received.
    He is Tadashi Yamato, math�teacher at Kisaragi School.
    He hasn‘t been seen or�heard from for several days.
    His whereabouts�remain unknown.
    Please keep to safe areas.
    Those of you outside,�get to safety immediately.
    This concludes our report.
    Good morning. How are you?

    Sections seem to be ended with FF00 and 0000, at best that means 457 entries which is a few but not half as many as the header might want to indicate.

    list of locations of possible line and or section ends

    Curiously the number of 0000 and number of entries in the 2846 section match exactly but looking the values I am not inclined to read much into it right now.