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    Nov 21, 2008
    So I successfully downgraded my 10.3 O3DS yesterday to 9.2. I then followed the guide here: http://i.imgur.com/tH9FMpc.png

    I have a backup of my sysNAND and all the files in the SD Card, and formatted the emuNAND using the Gateway menu. After I plugged my SD card after bringing back the files all my games were there, no problems. So then I procede to install rxTools. I updated emuNAND to 10.3. Not really wanting to start the Internet browser everytime to boot the CFW I unlink my NANDs and try to set up ctrboot manager to autoboot rxtools. It doesn't work. It loops to the CTR menu once and when it tries to start Rxtool again the console just freezes with a lower red screen.

    Figuring I did something wrong I decide to start over from the beginning. I format the emunand again, copy everything from my SD card again and my games are gone. Figuring they will only appear after I install Rxtools once again. The games were still gone. Heck I even tried setting up the autoboot once again just for the hell of it and it still won't work.

    So, can I recover my titles if I restore the sysNAND back up using the gateway menu? Or are they gone for good?

    EDIT: Ok, it actually did. Guess I'll try installing all this shit once again. Ugh.
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